Developed by Mobirix, World Zombie Contest is one of their many titles and we only stumbled upon it through Google’s recommended apps. The game is available on both iOS and Android, it follows an incremental system similar to Food Evolution where you merge two of the same units to create one of a higher tier, but that’s definitely not all there is to this game.

World Zombie Conquest adds a second tier of gameplay apart from just merging and earning income. It lets you send your zombies into battle against waves of enemies just like any other idle game. This adds a level of complexity to this game that other incremental titles lack.

While in most incremental titles you’re not really able to lose progress as the games are quite linear in terms of progression and sooner or later everyone is forced to play them in the same manner, World Zombie Clicker is nothing of the sorts. Combining zombies into a higher tier requires exponential time and effort and more often than not, it will slow your progression down to a halt until you get your zombies back.

The game features multiple mini-games and side quests to help you progress, it features two major currencies, gold and candies. Both of which can be earned through regular gameplay while candies may also be bought through micro-transactions.

In all honesty though, the game is truly unique and a single post would not do it justice. We recommend that you definitely try it yourself if you haven’t already.