War Clicks is a game that we wish was available on mobile devices, It combines elements from several idle games and gives you a somewhat unique, yet familiar experience. It can currently be played on both Kongregate and ArmorGames, as well as on their own website. Extensive updates, fun events as well as PvP? This game is quite the handful.

Not to mention that it’s the first non-mobile game we’ve decided to cover over here at Idle Games.


Let’s talk a bit about War Clicks itself, the game combines two very common idle mechanics and therefore, fits in both categories. You’re first introduced to the incremental business model where you’ll be using your army to generate ‘power’, this power can then be reinvested into upgrading your army, hiring managers to automate the process and to unlock additional bonuses.

So far the game doesn’t seem very different from other, similar titles, right? That’s exactly where we were wrong. See, War also has a second game built into it, the monster slayer genre. Enemies appear and you use your attacks to defeat them, eventually earning enough to upgrade your attacks further.

War Clicks compared to other games

Everyone here at Idle Games enjoyed playing AdVenture Capitalist, but we also admit that at the end of the day it gets boring really fast. After a certain point it’s no longer about trying to figure out what’s the best way to progress. There’s no community, there’s no social aspect, there’s nothing.

That’s not the case with monster slayer titles such as Tap Titans, because you can have communities and clans, group battles to gain progression bonuses together. War Clicks combines both of these and promises even more. You represent your country and take part in massive country vs country battles. This game makes us wonder if it’s possible to make a competitive idle game where the scales aren’t permanently tipped to one side.

War Clicks on Android? Mobile version when?

Replying to a post on the game’s official subreddit, the developers said:

We do want to get to a point where we could work on a android & IoS version of the game, but quite frankly that at this moment seems to be quite a bit off still, as we simply don’t have the capacity/team/time to work on it yet. We’re first focusing on rolling out some of the final “core features” we want there to be in game, fix any remaining bugs, issues – basically ensure we clean up the experience first. We also first have some expansion plans in mind to move to other platforms/websites.

But we really hope what we’re working on and the expansion plans will enable us to keep developing and expand the team so we can get started on a mobile version. I personally hope we can get to such a point (to start really looking into mobile) within the next 6 months – but only time will tell. We definitely want to get there!

The game has definitely come a long way since then and we’re sure they still have a lot of ideas about what they wish to do, perhaps they’ll choose to come over to Steam before making the switch to mobile. We understand how difficult it is to make a good quality port to another platform, so we here at Idle Games wish them the best. War Clicks definitely a game we’d spend days on.