April has been an interesting month with multiple titles being launched or entering a pre-release phase. We’ve surely missed a lot of titles but covered enough to start doing a top 5 idle games post every now and then.

Recommending idle games to play on a monthly basis is our first step in doing so. We’ll try and avoid suggesting games multiple months in a row unless there’s a major update that make it a must-play.

Playing these games will often burn through your battery though, so a power bank is recommended. We here at idle games personally recommend Anker. For now though, let us get back to what we’re good at, discussing and playing idle games.

Here’s a list of five idle titles we played over the last month and genuinely enjoyed.

5. Tap Tap Evolution

A game that starts off slow but only gets better with time. Tap Tap Evolution is based on a text-only idle game called Critter Mound. The developers have done a splendid job at giving the game a new feel and actual graphics while staying true to its original spirit. This grants Tap Tap Evolution a definite spot in our top 5 idle games list, at least for the month of April.

4. Melon Clicker – Space Melons

When it comes to unique idle titles that you can enjoy for a day or two, Space Melons would top the list. Sadly this is not that list. Mostly because of the fact that the game is enjoyable for a while, and then you get bored of it. Space Melons has an interesting game design but it fails to keep you interested.

The game tries to slow your progression down with timers and cooldowns but that simply adds to frustration after some time. Yet we always find ourselves going back to it every now and then. Purely because of how unique and straightforward it is. If you want a fun, interesting and unique idle game which isn’t demanding and needy, Space Melons is the game for you.

3. World Zombie Contest

If you’ve been bored and burned out by idle clickers then World Zombie Contest is bound to provide you with a unique experience. The game combines standard idle progression with cloning elements like those of Food Evolution where progression gets significantly slow at the later levels. The game does a very good job at being everything at the same time and is definitely a must-try if you haven’t played it before.

Consider yourself warned though, World Zombie Contest is not your traditional incremental title. Progression requires active gameplay. It can be somewhat automated with the in-game upgrades but you’ll be much better off doing it by hand.

2. Swarm Simulator

Our second title from the developers of Tap Tap Evolution, Swarm Simulator has finally been released and received a barrage of updates during its development phase to polish the game. It’s also based on a text-based idle game with the same name. The game has fairly good graphics but a very slow progression. Prestige takes longer than other games but in our honest opinion, they’re a lot more satisfying compared to most other games.

Swarm Simulator is fairly easy to get into. But if you’re the type of player who likes to min-max their idle games, this game will probably keep you occupied for a while. Offline progression also ensures that your swarm keeps growing even when you’re sound asleep.

1. Almost A Hero

We might as well be called biased at this point because it may seem like we favour this title a bit too much. Our love of Almost A Hero comes purely from the dedication that its developers have for the title. Whether it’s content updates or simple quality of changes which the players have been asking for, Almost A Hero is a title unlike any other.

Over the past year, the developers have added in several other progression mechanics. Each of these mechanics adds to the experience of both veterans and newer players. They don’t make the game too easy for new players while allowing veterans to keep pushing forward.