Another title by Iron Horse Games! Tap Wizard RPG integrates role playing elements with the classic idle genre and it’s far from games which require babysitting. Unlike other Idle RPG games, this one is perfectly fine with you sitting your phone aside.

We can’t exactly talk about this game without discussing its unique approach towards UI. Although confusing at first, Tap Wizard RPG has done a great job of designing proper UI transitions and how they can be used to simplify an otherwise very complex game.

The game puts you in control of a wizard attempting to fight their way through various zones filled with enemies. You gain power as you defeat enemies. Power determines the strength of your wizard and will only take you so far. Whenever you health his 0, you’re forced to recall back to an earlier zone. Where you recall back to depends entirely on how far you’ve progressed so don’t worry about starting over from scratch every time you recall. The game is pretty generous about that.

That’s not the only means of progression though! Your spells can level up, you unlock more spells and all your spells have passives which remain active even if you don’t have them equipped. Similarly there are raids, dungeons and researches. The main zones, or “The Wilds” as the game calls them, are not the only thing you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. We feel bad writing a review for the game without even giving it more than a couple days, but hey! Play it.

Pixel art? In 2018?

They’re amazing! Pixel graphics don’t seem to be going away either, as we continue to get excellent titles in pretty much every genre out there. Whether you’re playing a full on MMORPG or just a clicker game, you’re bound to run into games using pixel art. Tap Wizard RPG is no different and the game does an excellent job of bringing some fairly complex spells to life even with such a limiting art style. In our humble opinion though, we can’t exactly picture the game in any other art style, pixels are amazing.