We’ll go through all the details given to us about the latest Tap Titans 2 update. It is expected to be on the 27th of September along with a server maintenance that day, so plan your taps accordingly.

Increasing the max stage capacity

Currently capped out at 4000, the max stage capacity will be increased to 5000 with the v2.0 update – There don’t seem to be any plans for making it possible to cross a ‘maximum’ stage.

This is most likely for tournament reward purposes, allowing most high end players to get similar rewards so long as they reach the max stage.

The stage capacity is expected to be increased by another 1000, up to a maximum of 6000 after a week if everything goes smoothly.

New Equipment

The new update will also add more types of bonuses available to the four equipment types, this has been a long time coming as most of the current bonuses are pretty redundant for end-game players.

  • Armour – Increased Boss Gold
  • Helmet – Sword Master Damage
  • Aura – Multi-Spawn Chance
  • Slash – Clan Ship Damage, Shadow Clone Damage

Auras – Current Titan Hit Point reduction auras will be changed to Multi-Spawn Chance auras

Slash – Current Tap Damage auras will be changed Clan Ship Damage and Shadow Clone Damage.

New Artifacts

The v2.0 update will also add more artifacts for you to collect.

  • Clan Ship Damage – Increasing clan ship damage
  • Deadly Strike Skill Damage – Currently known as Critical Strike

Tournament System Rework – Changes to brackets

Instead of using the current system, tournament brackets will be determined by the maximum possible stage of a player, this means that the server will be calculating what stage you can possibly reach and then putting you in a bracket accordingly.

This makes it impossible to intentionally stay at a lower bracket in order to farm rewards.

Intimidating Presence (IP)

The update changes intimidating presence to become a passive bonus based on the total skill points a player has collected. This means that you no longer have to spend all your skill points in IP.

As a balance to this, the number of relics you obtain at higher stages is going to be massively increased as well as the equipment being more pwerful.

Skill points can be spent on the brand new skill tree coming in v2.0

Clan Bonus Damage

One of the most powerful bonuses in the game – Clan Bonus Damage is going to be reduced while all other methods of dealing damage are going to be buffed, this means that simply joining a strong clan isn’t enough to increase your max stage – You now have to depend on your artifacts, skill points, etc just as much.

Advanced Start Stage

A change to how advanced start stage is calculated, along with an increase in cap from clan level 800 to 5000.

New Skill Trees

Completely scrapping the current tree and starting from scratch, this update will feature a completely new playstyle for players, here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Knight (Active Playstyle):

  • Focussing on sword master and pet upgrades.
  • Mostly scaling with Pet Damage and the bonuses from Clan Damage.
  • Upgrades for the Fire Sword skill.

Warlord (Heroes and general bonuses)

  • Focussing on hero skills along with your clan ship.
  • Mostly scaling with hero damage, clan ship damage.
  • Upgrades for the War Cry skill.

Sorcerer (Skill-based Playstyle)

  • Focussing on using the active skills and balancing mana usage.
  • Scaling with active skills and shadow clone, dependent on Mana.
  • Upgrades for the Shadow Clone.

Rogue (Idle Playstyle)

  • Focussing on silent march and deadly strike for minimal active gameplay.
  • Not scaling with any one thing particularly, sort of a ‘jack of all trades’ damage source.
  • Scaling with the new Deadly Strike skill – Previously the Critical Strike skill.