Updated for the September 2018 Update

Tournaments in Tap Titans 2 happen on a biweekly basis, every Wednesday and Sunday. Upon joining a tournament you are put in a bracket, each bracket has a total number of players depending on how high the bracket is. Due to changes to the matchmaking system, the tournament brackets aren’t set in stone anymore. The max stage you have reached no longer matters and the game determines a “maximum possible stage” for you. This number is determined by taking into account all of your damage multipliers from artifacts, pets, equipment, etc.

Previously the game simply put you in a bracket depending on highest stage you’ve reached. That’s no longer the case and you are placed (somewhat?)

Tournament Brackets

Tournaments are split into various brackets with varying quality of rewards, there are three different reward lists:

  1. Weapon Upgrades and Fortune Weapon Upgrades
  2. Pets and Crafting Shards
  3. Skill points and Perks

Some important points to be noted are:

  • Don’t try to keep your max stage down anymore, they changed the way matchmaking works and staying under stage 3000 for a month will only slow you down.
  • The fairy gold rewards for watching advertisements are a god-send and they can help you push through walls which would otherwise be nearly impassable.
  • There’s no longer 200 players in every tournament, highest tier tournaments now have only 10 players while the starting ones have 200 players.

Now for the major brackets, but first let’s see what all the various rewards are:

  1. Diamonds – Duh
  2. Perks – These are the active skills (usually bought with diamonds) which will basically be given to you for free, to be used whenever you want.
  3. Rare Equipment – A random piece of rare equipment.
  4. Weapon Upgrade – A weapon upgrade for a random hero.
  5. Eggs – Pets! Pets! Pets!
  6. Crafting Shards – Use these to get high tier equipment without depending on RNG
  7. Fortune Weapon Upgrade – A weapon upgrade for a hero with the lowest level weapon.

Bracket Tier 1 – Newbie Tourny

There are 200 players in this bracket. This is the basic starting tier, mostly everyone here is either going to be a fresh account and you shouldn’t expect to stay here for long. If you missed your first tournament then fully expect to skip this tier altogether if you’ve been playing the game quite often.

There will be players who are restarting the game to get the Book of Shadows so don’t expect this tournament to be a cakewalk!

Bracket Tier 2 – Stage 200~

There are 200 players in this bracket as well and rewards are pretty much identical to the previous tier expect for there being more diamonds. It shouldn’t take more than a couple prestiges to get through the 500 wall and this is still pretty much newbie territory with everyone staring to figure out what they need to do.

It is definitely possible to break through the 500 wall and go all the way to 800 without any issues. You should at least be able to grab top 5 if not the first spot by doing this.

Bracket Tier 3 – Stage 500~

Another tournament with 200 players and rewards are pretty much identical to the previous tier expect for there being more diamonds. Pretty much everyone here is either farming or passing by, the 1000 wall isn’t that high and once you can break 550 it isn’t really that hard to get close to 1000.

As usual the top few ranks will always be taken by players passing through to the next bracket.

Bracket Tier 4 – Stage 1000~

This is the last tournament with 200 players and rewards are pretty much identical to the previous tier expect for there being more diamonds. Rinse and repeat to be honest.

Bracket Tier 5 – Stage 2000~

This is the first tier with less than 200 players in a tournament. You’ll be put in a bracket with only 130 other players. This is also the first tournament where something other than diamond rewards have been increased to be sure to start trying from here on out.

Bracket Tier 6 – Stage 3000~

There’s only 100 players in this bracket so buckle up. Don’t worry though, a lot of players just join a tournament and forget about it. Guilty of doing that ourselves as well!

Bracket Tier 7 – Stage 4000~

Only 50 players for this one! It’s going to get tighter yet. We would recommend that you try to stay in this tier for as long as possible by dumping relics in artifacts like the Book of Shadows. But, feel free to prestige and dump all your artifacts in damage multipliers to rank higher if you wish to. The number of players between this tier and the next doesn’t change and rewards only increase slightly.

Keep it easy for yourself while you can because things only get harder a few tiers from this.

Bracket Tier 8

There’s still 50 players in this tier with slightly more rewards. Nothing else changes, try to stay here for as long as possible!

Bracket Tier 9

There’s only 25 players for this tier! There isn’t really a lot to say except that by now, you should know what you need to be doing and you’re only reading this guide to procrastinate.

Bracket Tier 10

There will be only 10 players in this tier and all future tiers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and be in a tournament all by yourself five minutes before midnight UTC. 😉

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