A sequel to one of the most famous idle clickers out there, Tap Titans 2 looks to add more features to the original game, bringing in pets and a proper guild system along with new heroes, equipment and artifacts, Tap Titans 2 is definitely a gem to take a look at.



Tap Titans 2 is available on both Android and iOS.

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If you’re familiar with idle games then you won’t really have any problem adapting to Tap Titans 2, the game is a standard monster slayer which starts off fairly slow, forcing you to tap in order to progress but as you start purchasing more artifacts and your heroes, pets and equipment get stronger, you won’t have to keep pressing anymore.

There are a lot of differences between Tap Titans and Tap Titans 2, especially when it comes to progression, pets in Tap Titans 2 become very significant once they reach a higher number, which is why it’s very important to open the game every now and then to collect the eggs.

Being in a proper clan is also recommended because the damage boost from the clan ship is purely too high of a factor to ignore.

Tap Titans 2 stuck to its older design aesthetics and purely improved where it was absolutely necessary, Tap Titans 2 graphics aren’t very much different from its predecessor but when it comes to features, it’s a very different game.

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