Book of Shadows (BoS) is one of the most important and sought after artifact in Tap Titans 2. It doesn’t have a maximum level and can be upgraded indefinitely. RNG is a major factor in Tap Titans 2 and with every major update adding more artifacts to the game, the chances of getting Book of Shadows (BoS) have also decreased. Although that doesn’t mean that you can’t trick your way into getting it.

Book of Shadows (BoS)

An artifact that significantly increases the rate at which you progress through the game. If your only focus is to obtain Book of Shadows (BoS) then there’s only a few options available to you. Especially if you’ve already invested a lot of time in Tap Titans 2 and don’t want to waste it. Before we being though, it is important to tell you that you will get the Book of Shadows (BoS) as your 30th artifact, no matter what. Not counting artifacts which you’ve already salvaged.

However if you’re just starting off, or only have a few artifacts to your name, there’s a way you can “cheat” the system.

Getting Book of Shadows (BoS) by restarting the game

Call it cheap or a cheat, but a lot of people restart their progress unless they get the ideal artifact in idle games. This is because it’s relatively easy to get the first few artifacts than it is to progress and hope that RNG is on your side. There’s a total of 83 artifacts in Tap Titans 2 as of this moment, and the odds of getting an artifact you want are actually pretty low.

So why do people keep restarting from scratch just to get another go at something that only has a 1.2% chance of happening? The answer is simple: Book of Shadows will make up for all of that lost time.

Why is Book of Shadows (BoS) so important?

Relics are the primary progression currency in Tap Titans 2. Literally everything else comes in second, you can choose how you spend your relics, you can level up specific bonuses which you think are hindering your progression, all of this is only possible with relics. Sure pets can help you progress but you can’t actually choose which pets you get from eggs. Yes, we’re ignoring pets in the shop for now.

  1. Prestige to earn relics
  2. Spend relics to level up Book of Shadows (BoS)
  3. Earn more relics the next time you prestige
  4. Have more relics to spend on artifacts
  5. Progress faster than someone who didn’t invest in Book of Shadows (BoS)

It’s actually quite elegant.

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