The developers made equipment farming possible in Tap Titans 2 after a recent update and we’re here to tell you all about it, before this change bosses only dropped equipment once and the only way to acquire more was to climb up to the next tier.

Tap Titans 2

This obviously limited the number of equipment the average person could acquire, giving a lot of power to people who were willing to purchase diamonds in order to get the chests from the shop, but not any more!

How to farm Equipment in Tap Titans 2

The process itself is pretty simple, here are the limitations to avoid people from setting up bots to farm hundreds of equipment over night:

  1. You can only farm up to eight equipment per day
  2. You have to climb up to around your previous prestige rank in order to get the equipment.

That’s pretty much it, your highest prestige will determine how many pieces of equipment you get, here are the numbers for that:

  • Stage 200-500: 1 equipment
  • Stage 501-1000: 2 equipment
  • Stage 1001-2000: 3 equipment
  • Stage 2000+: 4 equipment

As for how you will get this equipment, a random boss close to your previous prestige stage will be chosen and upon killing this boss you’ll get your random equipment, this boss will have the usual blue health bar to indicate that he will drop equipment upon being slain, choosing between different pieces of equipment and which ones to use is also very important because doing so will optimize your damage.

Equipment multipliers can increase your damage quite significantly in most cases and getting lucky by rolling a good equipment early into the game means that you’ll progress much faster than anyone else, whether it’s just a rare equipment which increases your All Hero Damage or one that only increases your critical damage, choosing the best among them is a very important skill.

How to choose the best Equipment in Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 Equipment farming

There are five major types of equipment in Tap Titans 2, these are:

  1. Swords. They will always have damage bonuses, such as All Damage, All Hero Damage or Crit Damage.
  2. Helmets. They will give bonuses to an individual hero class or type, for example Ranged Hero Damage.
  3. Chests. These give bonuses to gold. Whether they be Chesterson Gold or All Gold.
  4. Auras. Quite a diverse set of different bonuses. Reduced Titan HP, Chesterson Chance, etc
  5. Slashes. They give bonuses to Tap or Pet damage.

Beginner or Newbie Equipment

Most of the damage for the first few prestige levels will be coming from your fingers wildly tapping on the screen, which is why equipping the appropriate bonuses is the best idea, these would basically be a sword that gives All Damage, perhaps an Aura that gives Critical Chance along with a Tap Damage slash, this would maximize the damage of your taps allowing you to more easily grind through the first few prestige levels.

Along with these bonuses it’s also a good idea to equip a pet that gives bonuses to your tap damage as well, using a chest piece that gives bonus to All Gold is also going to be very helpful.

Later on

Once you can start idling through most of the earlier stages, it’s a much better idea to simply switch to a more focused item set, remember that certain tournaments give bonus to certain hero classes and equipment which targets specific heroes generally give a much higher damage multiplier than All Hero Damage, so long as they’re around the same tier.

As you move away from tapping, you should start using Hero Damage equipment, if your pets can out damage your heroes then don’t be shy to switch over to a Slash that increases their damage, to be honest it’s much better to switch over as soon as you stop tapping to progress.

Crafting Shards

Since equipment it’s now possible to craft equipment instead of farming them, we’ve written up a quick guide on crafting shards and how you should be using them. Take a look!