Tap Titans 2 comes with a proper clan system which is an improvement over the original Tap Titans.

Tap Titans 2 Clan Battle

Why should you join a clan in Tap Titans 2?

When it comes to progression in Tap Titans 2 there are two major types, the first which is the usual well known method of hitting a wall, doing a prestige and coming back stronger.

Tap Titans 2 however also has a secondary method of progressing through walls, and that is your clan’s damage boost, your clan’s ship will come help you every time you are fighting titans, doing damage based on your hero damage, but that’s not the significant part, most of the damage comes from the clan damage multiplier.

How much damage does my clan give me?

Your clan’s damage bonus is calculated by your clan’s level, the formula for this calculation is:

1.1^min(CQ;200) * 1.05^max(CQ-200;0)

We’ve compiled a sheet of damage for various clan levels, “1” means 1000%, or 10 times.

[table id=TT2ClanDamage /]

As you can see, every eight or so clan levels, the damage gets doubled, this is why it’s important to be in a clan, the bonus gets ridiculously overpowered and if you ever leave a clan to join a new stronger one, you’ll notice that as well.

How do clan quest levels work?

You and all of your clan mates have a set amount of time to defeat a clan boss, the damage you deal to the boss is determined mostly by your highest stage, during the boss battle two other sword masters will also fight alongside you, they will be two of the top ten, highest maximum stage users, randomly chosen.

The usual rules apply, tap as much as possible within the allotted time, do damage, wait for the cooldown and attack again, it’s never really recommended to pay gems to attack several times.

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