The first thing you need to know as a new player is that most of your first few couple of prestige runs will be spent tapping. Now that we’ve made that clear, let us begin by telling you about all the different things you need to know about Tap Titans 2.

Tap Titans 2 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sword master?

The sword master is you, he is your primary source of damage for now, he swipes and hits the monsters every time you click, his damage is affected by All Damage and Tap Damage multipliers.

What are heroes?

Heroes are additional mercenary sort of units which you can purchase, they attack automatically and keep on damaging the monsters even if you don’t tap, their damage is affected by All Hero Damage and their specific class damage multipliers.

What are pets?

Tap Titans 2 brings us pets, they are creatures which sort of function similarly to heroes but you can’t straight up purchase them with gold, pets can be obtained from eggs which can be obtained in several different ways.

How to get more eggs?

You will get a free egg every four hours, the game doesn’t need to be open and you’ll store a maximum of two eggs if the game is kept closed. Eggs can also be obtained through tournaments and daily login rewards, another way to obtain pets is to straight up purchase them from the shop.

What are skills?

Skills in Tap Titans 2 work a bit differently than in other incremental games, instead of them having an absurdly long cooldown, there is a central mana pool, skills have a pretty short cooldown but cost mana to use, mana is replenished at a rate which pretty much depends on how far into the game you have progressed.

What is equipment?

Equipment can be used to increase your damage or gold earned, it can be obtained by killing bosses every 20 stages, starting at stage 56. Additionally it can also be farmed, more information on Equipment Farming can be found on our Tap Titans 2 guide over here.

How is Pet Damage calculated?

Pet damage itself is dependent on various factors, including your own tap damage, your current pet’s Pet Damage multiplier, the passive Pet Damage multiplier of pets which aren’t in use, critical multipliers as well as any Pet Damage bonuses from equipment. Additionally the Furies Bow artifact also affects Pet Damage.

Tap Titans 2: The First Prestige

In order to prestige for the first time you’ll have to upgrade your Sword Master to 600. This means that you’ll have to reach somewhere over Stage 100.

Depending on the equipment drops you get from stage 56, 76, and 96, this might be an easy task or it might take you a day or two to accomplish without hardcore play.

It is ideal to reach stage 106 in order to get four relics, the way progression will work is that you don’t invest into any skills other than Fire Sword. This is because every time you unlock a skill you get mana back, if you’ve already purchased all the skills then don’t worry. You’ll just have to wait a bit for the mana to return. Simply keep this in mind for your future runs and only get skills you’ll be using at first, when you run out of mana, simply unlock another skill and use the newly added mana.

Stage 150

After getting your first two artifacts thanks to your grind to 106, your next aim should be to work towards 150, the grind itself would feel a lot easier the second time depending on which artifacts you end up getting.

Remember that equipment will be dropping at 20 stage increments, once you reach around 135 you’ll start noticing that your hero damage has become quite significant.

Hero Damage vs Sword Master Damage

The sword master damage starts falling off really quickly as you get more artifacts, equipment and weapon upgrades for your heroes, at the end of the day it becomes far better to level up your heroes and avoid spending gold for your sword master because doing so would be pointless as the damage increase is insignificant.

Instead of upgrading all of your heroes or only upgrading the latest hero, simply take a note of which hero gives you the most damage per gold spent for your stage, the newest heroes may be very tempting but remember that the hero damage gets multiplied several times over as you upgrade the hero, so even though at level 100, Cosette can do significantly more damage than Gulbrand at the same level, you can easily upgrade Gulbrand to level 370 while Cosette will become too expensive for you to keep on upgrading, Gulbrand will be doing around 90%+ of your hero damage where as Cosette will be insignificant.

Invest intelligently

So only invest in heroes which you can easily take to level 370 before moving on to the next one. This is because of the stacking multipliers to hero damage as they level up.

So level up Rosabella, Gulbrand, Davey and then Rhys, prestige at 150 and get the melee damage perk, Stronger Arms.

Stage 250

Melee heroes will carry you to stage 250 without much issues, take a look at your stats page and see if it’s worth investing in other hero types at all, it’s always a good idea to at least get a few levels into heroes which give bonuses to your damage or mana regeneration.

The strategy stays the same, focus on a single hero type, level up to around 370-400 and move to the next hero of that type.

Don’t expect to get to 250 without a single prestige, sure it is recommended to get as far up as possible but remember, spending a couple of hours getting from 200 to 220 is not worth it if you can just prestige and reach 230, faster.

Invest in the Pet Heart of Midas as your next skill, it’s worth it, the gold is quite significant and once you reach 250  get the spell hero damage skill, Hyper Magic.

Stage 300

The climb from 250 to 300 is tough. You’ll need to prestige several times, you’ll need to get artifacts and upgrade existing ones, this is where you’ll learn about doing runs as fast as possible and when to simply stop grinding, prestige and start over.

There is no need to climb to your highest stage every time, farming relics isn’t about getting as many as possible per prestige, it is actually about getting many as possible per hour of playing the game, ideally you want to get as high as possible without having to invest actively into the game, in simple words, idle farming.

Idling in Tap Titans 2

It isn’t possible to completely idle but you can always just give the game short breaks, only looking back and picking up your phone to level up your heroes then going back to your work.

Pick a hero type and stick to it, unless all of your multipliers are fairly identical you shouldn’t really be trying to branch off since all hero types are basically the same, there is no immunity from certain types of heroes on various bosses similar to other games, you can stick to a single class for the time being.

Using pets such as Kit will drastically reduce your run times because of splash damage, being able to finish the early stages several times faster is the reason Kit is one of the most sought after Pet, it’s always worth it to pick him up from the shop at least at the early levels.

Stage 400

This is slow, getting to Stage 400 is going to require a  lot of grinding, sticking to a single hero class, ranged is the worst class to stick to over here where as spell is the best.

This doesn’t mean that Ranged should be completely abandoned because Ranged will take you to 500 without any issues, so keep in mind when you invest your skill points, you may want to get ranged just to make the climb to 500 much easier.

You won’t always have to level up a medium hero to 370, the game is different for everyone because of the RNG involved in farming artifacts and equipment so what worked for someone else might not work for you, simply take a look at what gives you the most damage increase for your gold and remember that the x2, x3 and x4 bonuses really start adding up once you reach higher hero levels.

Stage 500

By now you should be familiar with how the game goes, whether you want to stay in a certain tournament group or not is your own choice, but it’s recommended to climb out when you’re in a tournament so you at least get the benefit of being placed higher.

Sticking to ranged heroes is fine for now, it’ll easily get you to 500, but after 500 is when the game gets tough, for now stick to doing a prestige every now and then, get more artifacts and don’t forget to upgrade your existing ones, RNG is a major factor because having good equipment will really make the climb a lot easier for you.

Not climbing over 500 for a couple of tournaments is fine if you don’t play much, but remember that the climb to 550 is going to be tough, you might as well do it because 800 is where the best skill in the game is unlocked, Intimidating Presence, reducing the total number of titans you fight per stage by 1 for each level.

Up to Stage 800

Once you hit 550 you’ll need to drop some diamonds into the skill respec bin because there’s no ranged heroes until 800.

Simply purchase a skill respect and invest in level 2 for melee damage as well as spell damage, followed by up to two points in Heart of Midas but not until you have at least one point in each of these: Lightning Burst, Flash Zip, Gold Splitter and Pet Evolution.

This is when you start working towards 800.

As soon as you hit 800, re-spec, get x4 damage for all the heroes as well as rank 2 in intimidating presence.

Your usual farming runs still won’t get close to 800 for a while but don’t worry about that for now, simply prestige and keep climbing.

Stage 1000

Tournament Bracket (3)

Tournament Bracket (3) – Stage 501 to 1000

This is where you have to start asking yourself, are you ready to break through and join the next tournament bracket or should you stick to MS 1000 (MS – Max Stage), most people would recommend that you stay at 1000 for a few tournaments and prestige levels until you’re sure you’ll be able to compete at a higher tournament bracket, this is because it’s much better to have a high rank in a lower tournament bracket. You simply don’t get enough rewards for ranking low.

Take a look at our guide for tournament brackets and farming over here.