If graphics aren’t a concern for your idle gaming needs, then you should definitely take a look at Critter Mound. Tap Tap Evolution on the other hand is an attempt at replicating Critter Mound. With actual graphics, in a more presentable fashion. This game was originally released as Slurpy Derpy but didn’t find much success. It’s being relaunched as Tap Tap Evolution and released under a new publisher, Iron Horse Games. This might be the push this game needs to find its place in the halls of fame.

Tap Tap Evolution allows you to breed critters and put them to work. If they’re better than your current king or queen, feel free to replace them. Sacrificing your existing population to improve is just an everyday activity for these critters. The game follows a simple progression path where the newly born critters might be better or worse than your existing ones. At the end of the day, we do hope this game finds success and updates in the near future since it’s pretty unique in its playstyle. And let’s be honest, we’re all craving for innovation in this genre.

The game is currently only available on Android as an unreleased application. You’re free to download it and play it out as much as you desire. As an unreleased app though, there will often be changes. So don’t expect the game to stay the same once its released. These changes can be minor or major, entirely up to the developers. The original developers of Slurpy Derpy also posted on reddit about their relaunch. You can find their full post over here.

It does seem like the game is destined to receive changes in the coming future. Iron Horse is expected to support its development but we do have a concern about the game’s balance once you’re past the first few evolutions. Once you reach around five evolutions though, it feels like you’re close to the end. But in all honesty, the game is merely beginning at that stage.

As far as features and gameplay is concerned, Tap Tap Evolution is one of those exceptional games which lets you choose between an active or idle experience. Even a mix of both if that’s what you’re interested in. Either way, if you were a fan of Critter Mound then this game won’t disappoint you. At times it does feel like monetization could have been done better but at the end of the day, the developers have to pay rent just like the rest of us.