Developed by a small team of talented people at Pixio. Tap Tap Evil Mastermind puts you at the head of an organization unlike any other. Building up an evil organization from the ground up is not an easy task, hiring henchmen will only take you so far. The game features stock trading and a not-so-interactive combat system along with the usual idle clicker elements.

As far as content is concerned, the game would definitely take more than just a few days to finish. So if you’re interested in a long term idle title, Tap Tap Evil Mastermind should definitely be on your list.

The first time we took a look at Tap Tap Evil Mastermind, we didn’t think much of it. The game seemed to have a very steep progression curve, too slow to be of any interest to us. This will definitely be an issue for other players as well but don’t let it stop you. Once you get familiar with the game and get past the tutorial, it gets a lot more interesting.

Primary progression is through your missions which eventually make you purchase upgrades for your office. Hiring more henchmen until you have at least nine seems to be the way to go. Gems are given out quite regularly but a secondary premium currency also exists, phase tokens. They’re used to obtain exclusive henchmen and office upgrades but can’t be earned as easily as gems.

Combat however is something that could’ve been done better, or at least explained better. It does seem like most of our henchmen are recovering from a lost battle, trap doors exist but their functionality isn’t explained at all. The combat stat does seem to help a lot. But we’ve been able to completely ignore it because winning a fight only gives you around five gems at most without any negative aspects to losing. Unless you wanted to send your henchmen to a mission and he’s still recovering.