Tap To Riches may seem like a generic game at first glance but don’t underestimate the depths that it can go to, the progression is mostly dependent on what advisors you get at the start of the game and in the long run everything balances out, but it’s good to remember that no two playthroughs will be identical.

The game is fairly easy to get into and the only complaint that most people would have is that it’s a bit heavy as far as micro-transactions are concerned.

Tap to Riches is a beautiful game, the art style is commonly used in games of this genre, different in game objects fit well with each other and you’re not really going to find a lot of issues as far the game’s look is concerned.

Gameplay on the other hand might get a bit dull at times since unlike AdVenture Capitalist, the game isn’t fast paced at all, undergoing a prestige and earning more bizzbots takes a lot of time, something that might be a huge deal breaker for idle business fans out there.

It’s also fairly invested in micro-transactions and RNG, the free advisors you get are rarely going to be useful, fast progression pretty much demands that you spend money on the game, the prices are also as steep as they can get.

As far as enjoying the game is concerned though, it’s one of those games that’s worth loading into a couple of times every day just to collect your profits, upgrade buildings and closing it again until you’re able to progress, in other words. Tap to Riches in an excellent game to play during the bathroom break.