Published by Iron Horse Games, Swarm Simulator is another title that found its origin on Kongregate. The game is different from your generic idle titles in the sense that there really aren’t a lot of resources that you’ll be managing. Looking at it from a general perspective, one can say that there’s too resources to manage.

Swarm Simulator allows you to breed a massive horde of bugs starting from mere larvae. The game forces you to think strategically about your decisions as you have to sacrifice your queens in order to build a nest. But doing so would reduce the amount of drones being produced by your queens. The game follows a simple progression path and has a very generous offline progression.

As far as graphics are concerned, Swarm Simulator uses various polygonal shapes for all the artwork in the game. Giving the game a nice 3D look yet not requiring any high-end devices to play it comfortably.

Progression is unique in the sense that it is entirely possible to slow down your progress if you end up spending all the points you earn from a prestige. Your progress eventually gets limited by your rate of larva production. Usually called the “larva wall”. Getting past the larva wall would require you to increase your larva production and we’re looking forward to covering more about this game in the coming future.

Swarm Simulator has finally been fully released on both Android and iOS. The game is completely free to play without any “in-your-face” micro-transactions. Something that we’re starting to respect Iron Horse Games for.