Star Tap, a game published by Inzen Studio while the creators of Crab War, Appxplore worked behind the scenes to develop it. Star Tap doesn’t focus on any evil creatures to beat nor does it want you to become the richest man (or woman in this case) alive.

The game involves tapping for the sole purpose of speeding up your spacecraft. And if you’re familiar with space then you’ll know that things are pretty far apart from one another, there’s nothing better than acceping you’re at a wall in an idle game than seeing the ETA for your destination as several hundred years.

But worry not, as the game is developed by creators of Crab War, players will see several similarities between the two titles. But most of these similarities can simply be called basic parts of all idle games nowadays. There’s nothing like rolling a dice and hoping you get the upgrade which increases the total resources you get every prestige. In the case of Star Tap, that upgrade is Exotic Matter Sensor, every level of which increases the total Exotic Matter you get every time you redetermine your journey.

Recent updates to the game may have taken a turn towards the dark side as some players have called them a cash grab, but let’s be honest, the game was too easy before the changes. It’s completely acceptable to make an idle game harder once you have a fanbase. The cosmetic shuttle upgrades purchasable with gems have underwhelming bonuses and given enough time and optimisation, you should be able to attain most of them without paying.

There is no multiplayer aspect to the game as of now but that can surely change with future updates. So until that happens, we’re all stuck in a constant loop of redetermining and upgrading, attempting to reach as far as possible before getting bored. We ourselves dropped the game but came back after the builder drone update. Only time will tell what the developers have in store for this unique chocolate cookie in a jar full of regular biscuits.