Star Tap is going to have a Christmas event similar to their Halloween one, the event will feature premium customizations (one for free too!) and is called the “Christmas Message Event”. It will run from the 8th of December to the 1st of January.

There will be a separate decal set obtainable by everyone by completing the event missions. You’ll be required to collect letters to complete a phrase and upon doing so, you’ll be rewarded with a unique Christmas-themed decal. There are a total of four phrases to complete meaning a full set of decals for your ship.

All of these customizations will have bonuses similar to the ones we received during Halloween. In case you need a quick update without loading up your game, here’s the three Halloween customizations, it was two sets of decals and one set of shuttle parts.

Shuttle Customizations

Star Tap has quite a lot of customizations available through gems. These do stack even if you’re not actively using one. The game features a fairly tedious method of obtaining gems as well and gem farming is something we’ll take a look at in the future once we’re sure the current method is here to stay. If you’re someone who buys gems, it’s around $8 for a full basic set. But the bonuses you get for purchasing them are not exactly game-changing.

Nevertheless they are something to look forward to as the number of drones in the game is limited. There are only 30 drones in the game and you’ll reach the final one (Pisces) fairly quickly. Until we get more drones, these customizations are your only way of breaking past the hard limits.

This game is very different from some of the other incremental games we’ve taken a look at. The grind isn’t easy. You’re limited by your ability cooldowns. Exotic Matter Sensor is expensive to upgrade. All of these things combined make Star Tap an interesting title to cover. Definitely expect more from us on this title in the future!