As far as space-themed idle games go, we’ve been having quite a few titles pop up lately. Space Colonizers combines aspects from various incremental business simulators. Developed by CapPlay, this game shares similarities to Star Tap but still manages to create a perfectly unique gameplay experience.

Space Colonizers is a unique incremental title that doesn’t hold your hand on every milestone. The game features clans and the accompanying clan-based missions that you’ll find in other monster-slayer titles. Players collect energy together in order to get to the next level. Your aim is to get to habitable planets, colonize them and keep going until you can’t possibly reach the next one.

The game focuses on your task to colonize as many planets as possible while picking up aliens along the way. The aliens act as bonus multipliers to aid you in your future journeys. Perhaps the best thing about this game is that it doesn’t constantly suffocate you throughout your progression. Restarting the game through the prestige mechanics doesn’t feel like a hassle. But above all else, the gameplay continues to flow fluidly from one prestige to the next.

Our concerns with the game were mostly due to a lack of change. Once you’re journeyed through the game for a couple of hours it seems like you’ve seen everything there is to see. There’s a lack of things to look forward to but that’s nothing new as far as idle titles are concerned.

It’s the small things that count and Space Colonizers is full of them. Micro-transactions aren’t completely in your face, the video ads aren’t forced, they have a nice bonus attached to them. And just in case you don’t watch them, there’s no feeling of losing out on something. If you’re looking for an idle title that’s simple, Space Colonizers is definitely something to play if you’re having trouble sleeping.

We’re looking forward to what the developers come up with next and whether or not they’ll be interested in taking risks in terms of game design. Most games have felt like they’re just re-skins with minor changes in already existing concepts, and that’s perfectly fine. Because that’s what most idle game are.