Did you ever think playing a game that revolves around trashcans could be entertaining? Neither did we but Scrap Clicker 2 says otherwise. Scrap Clicker 2 is a very simple, yet addicting, idle and incremental game from Schrott Games.

This game is more than just what we cover over here, there’s a lot of features that aren’t even revealed to you until you progress further, so don’t dismiss it as just a simple title without any actual depth.

Starting up

The objective of the game is to generate scrap from barrels. There are 20 slots on the screen and a barrel spawns every few seconds. When two level 1 barrels spawn, they can be combined to produce a level 2 barrel which has 3 times the scrap generation per second value to that of the level 1 barrel. Similarly when you make two Level 2 barrels you can combine them to make a level 3 barrel which again has 3 times the scrap generation value. As you generate scrap, you can use it to buy power ups like faster barrel spawn or a higher level barrel spawn etc, that help you advance through the game. When you go offline the revenue keeps generating but at a lower rate, it starts at 10% which can be upgraded using power ups.

The Storm and further progress

After every few minutes there is a storm, which is more like a rain of magnets and you catch the magnets by tapping them as they fall. Magnets can be used to buy a different set of power-ups like faster leveling up etc. That’s basically all of the game, As you grow you keep multiplying your scrap and buying power-ups. There are a total of 186 barrels, collecting all barrels unlocks golden scrap collection which boosts scrap production. As you reach 1 star leaderboards are unlocked which make the game super interesting and as the game progresses and you reach 5, 6, 15, and 40 stars you keep unlocking Scrapyard, Golden Scrap Multiplier, Bricks, and Upgrade Tree respectively.

The more you play, the more features you unlock and the more interesting the game becomes. The game is colourful, but not graphically great-looking. The game doesn’t have any sound at all and doesn’t offer a lot of help in terms of how to play and progress. There are no ads at all so that’s a very good feature. Overall the game is fun to play, mainly because you can’t possibly lose in this game and also because it never stops, even when you’re not playing.