Rise Up features a balloon determined to keep going higher no matter what. You on the other hand are supposed to protect it. The game is simply elegant and elegantly simple at the same time. It features a soft colour palette and puzzles which reward slow and well though-out reactions.

Developed by Serkan Özyılmaz, we came across the game while watching ads, and fell in love with it. The levels are somewhat randomized in order so you’re bound to have a unique experience no matter how many times your balloon gets popped. It features a challenge mode and various balloon cosmetics to unlock. The challenges will definitely get a lot easier as you become familiar with them.

Sadly, it does have forced advertisements after losing. You may purchase a No Ads upgrade but honestly, just turn off your data and WiFi. We have nothing against optional ads but forcing them on players is just annoying.

As beautiful a game as Rise Up is, it still has some downfalls. Controls will take some time getting used to. Swiping anywhere on the screen will move the pointer in the same direction. Levels go up to 45 and we haven’t even been through the first few yet.

Is it worth playing?


Unfortunately though, the game does force advertisements on you when you go back to the main screen. After a couple ads, it just became annoying. Being offered an ad to continue playing is not something new in the genre and we hold nothing against the games which do that. Our annoyance is more due to us saying “No Thanks” to an ad offer, but still being forced to watch one.

There’s a very easy way to cheese through most of the puzzles by simply swiping back and forth slightly above the balloon. The game also features challenges which are a lot less random and a lot quicker to go through if you’re only going to be playing for a short while. We’d definitely recommend the game, but suggest that you turn off your data and WiFi to not be annoyed by the constant forced advertisements. Thankfully, Rise Up can be played without an internet connection, so that’s a plus.