Most mobile games nowadays aren’t optimized and if you’re used to playing games on your smartphone, battery drain shouldn’t be a stranger to you at all. Some games simply melt through your reminding battery life and there’s nothing you can do to help it. If you haven’t already invested in a reputable portable charger, then it’s something you should keep an eye out for.

You never know when a portable charger can come in handy. If you’ve ever left your home and forgot to charge your phone, you know exactly what we mean. Long bus rides, hiking trips and gaming sessions while on the road are just a few situations when you’re likely to wish you had a power bank with you.

Brands to look for

There’s only a few companies who make reputable power banks out there and Anker is one of them. Whether you’re a fan of playing Pokémon Go or Ingress, you’ve probably heard of Anker. Their power banks and other accessories have been aimed at mobile gamers ever since playing games on your smartphone first became a thing.

Anker offers a wide variety of accessories but fear not, we’re here to help you decide while making sure you don’t fall for any scams. There are countless other manufacturers out there and to be honest, most of them are legitimate and you won’t have any regrets so long as you buy from a reputable source, which is why we’ll be verifying the product and giving you a link to it on Amazon. So, let us begin.

Anker’s 10000 mAh Power Bank & Portable Charger

If you’re unsure about buying a portable charger but have a few bucks to spare, this is a definite purchase. Simply searching for power banks on Google will let you know that Anker has been dominating the portable charging market for quite a while now. Anker is reliable, affordable and a single purchase will last longer than your smartphone. Considering we spend hundreds of dollars on our smartphone, what’s a couple dozen extra to make sure they stay powered on?

This power bank can store up to 10000 mAh, meaning that it will be able to charge most modern smartphones at least two to three times on a full charge. It only has a single charging port so don’t expect to be sharing this with your friends without having to let go of it yourself.

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Xiaomi’s 10000 mAh Power Bank & Portable Charger

If Anker just doesn’t feel right to you then you have nothing to worry about, Xiaomi’s newest design is slimmer but compromises by being longer than usual, on the other hand it is a company based in China so if you have a history of avoiding Chinese products, feel free to walk away.

Regardless of its origin, Xiaomi as a brand has found success internationally, their smart gadgets and accessories are aesthetically pleasing and reliable at the same time. We’ve personally been using their power banks for as long as we can remember and haven’t had any complaints so far.

Just like Anker’s 10000 mAh power bank, this one will charge most modern smartphones around two to three times. Sadly, it too only has a single port so don’t expect to be sharing.

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Anker’s 20100 mAh Power Bank & Portable Charger

And just like that we’re back to Anker, this time however, we have beefier batteries and a larger power bank. Just like their 10000 mAh power bank, this one is available in white. As far as power banks are concerned this is all you’ll need for the foreseeable future unless there is a major breakthrough in battery technology.

Mobile gamers around the world recommend Anker, whether you’re asking on forums or Reddit, there will almost always be an overwhelming support for Anker’s power banks.

As opposed to previous suggestions, this one has a 20100 mAh capacity meaning that it will be charging your devices around four to five times before running out of juice. Don’t forget that a higher capacity power bank also needs to be charged for just as long.

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Aibocn 20000 mAh Power Bank & Portable Charger

If Xiaomi and Anker are simply not doing it for you, then fear not, Aibocn is a cheaper alternative to both of them which still gets the job done just as well.

A special lighning variant is also available which comes with a lightning cable and a slightly different design for iPhone users, although you shouldn’t have any problem using the default power bank so long as you have a lightning cable at hand.

Just like the previous Anker, this 20000 mAh bank will charge your devices up to five times, obviously depending on what device you’re trying to charge.

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