If you’re thinking this is an idle game which involves plants then you are absolutely correct. Plantera is a side-scrolling, clicker, farm management simulator that uses various a bit of active elements like having to click plants, bushes, animals and fighting the odd pests. If you are into gardening and love to spend time on idle games, this is the perfect game for you.

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Plantera is available on both Android and iOS as well as Steam.

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In Plantera you get to create your own garden and watch it grow, adding new plants, bushes and trees as you level up. You can use your coins to buy new animals, as well as invest in new plants, in all honesty, this isn’t really an idle game since there is a lot of activity involved while playing it.

As you play the game and your garden begins to grow, you can purchase more helpers, the blue, round characters which will help you with your garden. You also have to protect your garden from harmful creatures, and the best way to do so is to invest in buying a guard dog which will also keep the order in your garden.

The game uses pixel art for design and even though it may not be the prettiest game out there, it’s nothing bad if you’re into pixel games.

Plantera gameplay

The lack of guilds and other community services, bring the game down to a halt, but it’s still good enough to give it a try, just remember though that this isn’t an idle game where you can just afk for an hour.