Although this game may seem like any other third person adventure, dungeon crawler, hack and slash games, it’s not. Your character will keep on hitting and slashing until it dies, all you can do is delay his death by using skills, and as far as graphics are concerned, Nonstop Knight is unmatched.



Nonstop Knight is available on both Android and iOS

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Your goal is to smash enemies, defeat the level bosses, earn gold and collect new items and also pieces of equipment to help you on your way. Upgrade your knight gradually and battle better. Unlock new abilities which you can use in advanced battles. Join the boss hunts, kill bosses with other players and claim rewards, the game also features pets who can pretty much only be collected by completing daily objectives and taking part in hunts with other people.
The game does fall back a bit as far as hunts are concerned because often times players tend to join a hunt and then don’t play, this has been fixed somewhat by the developers introducing a recent ranking system where over the course of time you gain points based on how many monsters you have hunted, ultimately making it possible to only be ranked with other active players, your first couple of hunts though, expect to be paired with people who’ll abandon you.

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The gameplay and modern graphics certainly ranks it as an excellent choice as far as pretty idle games are concerned, the developers have also been pretty active and responding to user feedback.