We haven’t really talked about Clicker Heroes at all and Clicker Heroes 2 is upon us. Yes, we’ve pretty much neglected the first game here on Idle Games. But we’ll always consider Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes and Tap Titans to be the games which sparked the current generation of idle gamers. If you haven’t played any of these titles then we highly recommend that give them a chance.

Clicker Heroes 2 has been in development for quite a long time and we didn’t really hear anything about it until recently. Perhaps the most shocking detail about it would be that it’s not going to be free to play.

Clicker Heroes 2 will be priced at $30

Yes, you read that right. Clicker Heroes 2 will not be free to play, it won’t even be an affordable $5 or so which you’d be expecting from an idle title.

But having a price tag isn’t the only change you can expect from Clicker Heroes 2. The game is moving away from clicking endlessly in an active playstyle. A change which left most of the fan-base wondering, “Why is it called ‘Clicker Heroes’ then?”

Automation and the death of auto-clickers

Even though there weren’t any PvP elements in Clicker Heroes, people still got quite salty whenever others used memory editing software to cheat or speed up their game. Well, the memory editing software aren’t going anywhere but it seems like there’s less of an incentive to use an autoclicker now.

Automation is going to become a part of the game and we really can’t put it in words. You’ll just have watch this developer preview of the game to get a better idea of what’s going on. It does seem like more idle games nowadays are shifting towards a passive playstyle and eventually remove the need for rapidly clicking.

Here you go:

Clicker Heroes 2 will be on Steam

But perhaps the saddest part so far is that the game won’t have an Android or iOS version anytime soon. The developers are focussing purely on the Steam version. This decision does seem interesting though as it used to be a free-to-play browser game that later got ported over to pretty much every platform out there. This time it will be starting out from the central hub of PC gaming, Steam itself.

Unfortunately though, this does mean that you won’t be needing to carry around a backup portable charge just to play your idle games so our post covering some of the market’s best ones is pretty much worthless to players who’ll be buying this game.