A game by Shark Jump that’s unlike any other. Melon Clicker, or the game that was also known as Space Melons provides players with a brand new experience as far as idle games and their game design is concerned. Although the game falls quite short in terms of engaging content, it still manages to keep you occupied throughout the odd long weekend.

Whether you call it Melon Clicker or Space Melons, you’ll end up planting melons on every planet you come across, destroy obstacles, defeat alien plants and unlock various upgrades to ensure that your melons will always be the dominant type. We’re going to be saying “melons” a lot in this review… -_-”

Melon Clicker follows suit after a lot of other mobile games in this genre where low polygon shapes are used in order to maximize performance. We’ve got nothing against that and let’s be honest. When was the last time an idle game’s graphics were a deciding factor? We’ve got games like Critter Mound being insanely successful without any graphics at all and let’s not even talk about non-idle titles such as Dwarf Fortress.

Melon Clicker follows a pretty simple progression path. You get to a planet and plant melons everywhere, then you leave it and go to a new planet. Your income from all your older planets will keep rolling in even after you’ve left them. Turning the game into an incremental clicker game as opposed to a simple exploration simulator.

Unfortunately though, the game falls short when it comes to long term progression goals. Or at least that’s what we noticed. But we’ll still recommend it to you folks, just to play it over a long weekend to burn through some stress. And hey, not all games let you turn off their banner ads.