From the makers of Hill Climb Racing, Make More! is an idle manager game where you’re tasked with overseeing workers as they produce countless products, the game features different factories, trophies and eventually lets you replace your workforce with robots. 

Make More! is a game that you only check in on once or twice a day, it’s a game that you keep on your phone but forget about until you’re going to bed. And the game does an amazingly good job at reinforcing that behaviour.

Even though you’re able to tap to increase your workers’ production, it doesn’t take a long time for your taps to become insignificant. There are freemium upgrades available that increase the strength of your taps but the fact that they don’t persist between factories has definitely stopped us from spending on them.

And it feels like the developers knew that. The game is playable without spending any money on it, but boy does it keep asking you to. We’re not against micro-transactions but apart from the profit multiplier, there’s nothing else worth purchasing.

Is Make More! worth playing?

Even thought the game is ridiculously simple and doesn’t have a lot of things that keep you going, we’d still recommend it at least once. The grind to your first trophy takes forever and after moving on to the second tier of factories you learn that everything you’ve done so far has been for nothing, you pretty much have to start over from scratch.

While other games do give you a significant bonus when restarting, Make More! gives you a pat on the back combined with a somewhat small incentive to keep playing.