Light A Way received some pretty constructive feedback during its testing phase and the developers listened. There has been a massive overhaul of the Staff and Lightstone mechanics along with a UI update. But before we being we’d like to shed some light on their Thunderclap campaign.

Light A Way’s Thunderclap Campaign

If you don’t mind your friends finding out about the game when it’s released, sign up for a one-time post on your social network as soon as the game is released. It’s a nice gesture and the least we could do for a dev team that’s listened to our complaints during the alpha test.

Staff and Lightstone Changes

Staffs? Staves?? Well however you spell it, they don’t have specific gem slots any more. You can no longer equip lightstones into your staffs. Instead, each staff has their own corresponding set of lightstones, the lightstones may overlap between different staffs and still give their own individual rewards.

If you have played Crab War then think of them exactly like gems, except they give other bonuses in addition to a damage increase. There are a total of five types of lightstones and their bonuses are listed as:

  • Stardust Drop (10% + 5% Per Lightstone)
  • Critical Flare (20% + 10%  Per Lightstone, Colour Dependent)
  • Charge Flare (100% + 50% Per Lightstone, Colour Dependent)
  • Flare to Boss (2% + 1% Per Lightstone, Colour Dependent)
  • All Lumi Flare (20% + 10% Per Lightstone)

Completing a set increases the overall flare bonus of the relevant staff. Each level of the staff also increases the set bonus in return. It should be noted that unlike in Crab War, Lightstones and Staffs can straight up be purchased through the in-game shop at the price of 20 and 150 diamonds respectively.

This does push the game towards an imbalance and it would certainly be interesting to see how AppXplore handles the tournament side of things and free-to-play players once we get to that phase.

The Pre-registration Rewards

Light A Way - Pre-Registration Rewards

Pre-Registration rewards for Light A Way will also be delivered with the next update

Players should also be receiving their pre-registration rewards with the next update which includes a cosmetic dress, diamonds and a cute little pet to follow you around on your adventures.

UI Changes

There has also been a simplification of UI and what some people may call as a downgrade, we’ve lost the x10, x50, x100 and x1000 upgrade buttons and defaulted back to the system that Crab War uses. Hopefully the developers can reintroduce those back into the game and have some mercy on our fingers after every Light Up.

There has also been some final finishing to prep the game up for release and it seems like this will be the final version until release on the 9th of February.