Progression in idle games tend to follow a similar pattern no matter how different your game is compared to the rest. Sooner or later you’ll hit a wall that’s impossible to break, forcing you to prestige and start over from scratch.

Light A Way just as similar, your first prestige, or “Light Up” will be somewhere around the 110th stage during the tutorial, and not a lot will change afterward. You’ll still need to Light Up a few more times and earn enough Aerolites to speed up your runs.

How long should I grind before a ‘Light Up’?

The reason we love idle games is because the answer to this question is entirely up to you. As a general rule of thumb, try to prestige as soon as you can afford another rune.

This isn’t true in the early game though because runes are cheap to get, we’d recommend getting at least a couple every time you prestige. Another method of progressing through the game involves alternating between a new rune, and investing into your existing ones.

Which runes are the best?

We’ve got a list of all the runes in Light A Way, organized in a nice tier list. Feel free to read it! Check out the Light A Way runes tier list.