Another clicker game developed by AppXplore, Light A Way features the adventures of a little girl and fairies as they travel through a forest full of monsters. As far as clicker games go it is fairly basic to get in to, a quick play through the early game would highlight several similarities between this game and AppXplore’s Crab War.

Light A Way has a fairly soft art-style, everything including the environment and the monsters seem to just fit perfectly in the game world. If you enjoyed playing Crab War then you’ll definitely enjoy Light A Way as well. Unfortunately though, it seems like Light A Way’s initial grind is just as tough as its predecessor’s.

The game is scheduled to be released on February 9th and already has over 500,000 players pre-registered. The developers had promised prizes for 1,000, 10,000 and 50,000 sign ups. Which total up to be 180 diamonds, one mystery accessory and a mystery pet for all players who end up playing the game.

Progression is fairly unique and not-so-much at the same time, the game still uses an artifact system similar to other idle titles but at the same time it gives in to a loot-box scenario involving staffs and lightstsones. You can equip them in various configurations, the RNG involved in this means that no two accounts are ever going to be the same.

We plan on doing a series of guides covering various aspects of the game once it’s released. hopefully by then we’ll have played the game enough to cover it objectively.