Featuring a total of 36 different runes, Light A Way is similar to other idle games where you can salvage a bought rune to roll a new one, for a price.

This price goes up as you purchase more runes, so if you’re interested in getting the best ones out there, people recommend salvaging the bad ones until you get all the runes higher tiers. So without wasting any time, let’s start going through the 36 runes in Light A Way.

Aerolites don’t grow on trees, gotta spend them wisely. We do have a short guide on Light Ups so you may spend youor Aerolites wisely.

Tier 1 – The best runes in Light A Way

These are all runes without which the game might as well be unplayable since any sort of progression would take an eternity to accomplish. It’s recommended to salvage all runes you get until you have these.

1 | Sun – No maximum level

Increases the number of Aerolites you get every time you Light Up. We can’t stress enough how important this rune is. All idle games have runes like this one, Tap Titans 2 has the book of shadows and Crab War has ember tipped carapace.

Once you get this rune, feel free to dump a few runs worth of Aerolites into it. This rune will soon become the primary source of Aerolites for you, its importance can’t be described in words alone.

2 | Portal – Maximum Level: 5

Decreases the number of monsters you have to fight before challenging the boss by one for each level. Cuts the time it takes to reach your max-stage into half.

Tier 2 – Runes that are underestimated at first

Don’t worry, we all made the mistake of ignoring these until we actually though about how strong they could are.

3 | Tears – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases the total gold you earn, allowing you to eventually break through walls by purchasing the next Lumis.

4 | Sagittarius – Maximum Level: 15

Increases your tap’s damage based on the total damage per second of your Lumis, you’ll find that unless you invest into this rune, tapping is useless.

5 | Tears – Recommended Maximum Level: 190

Having this rune at level 190 will make it possible for you to have the Light Shower active all the time. This is possible because at level 190, the skill duration matches the cooldown time.

Remember, you need the Spiral rune as well if you want this skill to be permanently on.

6 | Scorpio – Recommended Maximum Level: 245

Having this rune at level 245 will guarantee that every Umbra that spawns, will be a Golden Umbra, giving you a lot more gold than regulars to make progression easier.

7 | Tranquility – Maximum Level: 25

Makes it cheaper to upgrade your Lumis, simple as that. Means you can purchase upgrades that would take longer to obtain, more broken walls.

Tier 3 – Moving on to others

There’s going to be a lot of runes in the same tier from here on out.

8 | Capricorn – Maximum Level: Infinite

Remember how Scorpio increases the rate of Golden Umbras spawns? This one increases their gold.

9 | Moon – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases the amount of gold earned from bosses, it’s alright but shouldn’t be a priority.

10 | Glitter – Maximum Level: Infinite

More gold from stardust lantern, invest into this if you’re breaking walls with the lantern.

11 | Bolt – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases the damage of all your fairies.

12 | Star – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases gold from Feys.

13 | Pisces – Maximum Level: 10

Halves the cooldown of Stardust Lantern at max level.

14 | Spiral – Maximum Level: 10

Halves the cooldown of Light Shower at max level.

Tier 4 – We’re getting closer to trash

Most of these runes are alright to invest in, if you have no other choice. Or if you just want to level up all your low-level runes.

15 | Leo – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases all critical damage.

16 | Lightning – Maximum Level: 25

Decreases the health of all boss enemies, break them walls.

17 | Time – Maximum Level: Infinite

Increases the boss timer by 10% for every level. break the unbreakable walls!

18 | Gemini – Maximum Level: 10

Cuts the cooldown of Fairy Blossom into half.

19 | Cancer – Recommended Maximum Level: 490

Just like the Tears rune, having this at level 490 means you can have the Fairy Blossom skill active all the time. Provided that Gemini is level 10, of course.

20 | Transcendence – Maximum Level: 100

Every level lets you skip 0.3% of the total journey to your last Light Up’s stage. Meaning that if you light up at stage 1k with his rune maxed out, you’ll go back to stage 300 instead of 0.

21 | Wind – Maximum Level: 10

Cuts the cooldown of Lunar Glow into half.

22 | Reflection – Recommended Maximum Level: 290

Like the other skills, level 290 in reflection means a permanent Lunar Glow skill. Provided that the Wind rune is also mixed out.

23 | Aquarious – Maximum Level: 10

Cuts the cooldown of Lumi Surge into half.

24 | Aries – Recommended Maximum Level: 390

Grinding this skill to 390 lets you have it on all the time, remember you also need Aquarius to half the cooldown as well.

Tier 5 – Actual trash now

These are fine to invest in as a last resort to increase your dps, the critical chance and damage ones are fine in late game but they won’t ever be a significant source of your damage.

25 – 27 | Daybreak, Nightfall, Winter – Maximum Level: Infinite

All three of these increase the damage from critical strikes of their respective colour.

28 | Wave – Maximum Level: 10

Increases the Lumi spawn speed, max it out when you get it then forget about it.

29 | Libra – Maximum Level: 10

At max level, you’ll have a 30% chance to get two phoenixes to spawn.

30 | Virgo – Maximum Level: 10

At max level, increases the rate at which the phoenix spawns by 50%, remember that this doesn’t decrease the timer by 50%!

The actual math would be too much for this post, but if you were getting 2 spawns in a duration, now you’ll get 3.

31 | Wings – Maximum Level: 15

Increases the charge damage, not a significant increase.

32 | Taurus – Maximum Level: 20

Increases all critical rates.

33 – 35 | Summer, Spring, Autumn – Maximum Level: 15

Increases all critical rates, the reason critical runes are so far down the list isn’t because critical strikes don’t do any damage, it’s just that there are other, better methods of obtaining critical rate and damage.

Tier 6 – Worse than trash

There’s only a single rune in this lsit.

36 | Big Bang – Maximum Level: 10

Why does this skill exist in every game still baffles us, Tap Titans 2 did an amazing job of letting it splash and kill multiple bosses, skipping several stages with a single tap.