Idle Universe is an addictive game which is developed by Exabytez. It lets the game player create their own universe starting from tiny sub-atomic particles

The game is still under development and as an incremental clicker game you have to tap to create matter. The more you tap, the more matter would be produced but the game isn’t all about tapping. Idle Universe picks up some basics from games like AdVenture Capitalist where unlocking new buildings would begin to produce money automatically, similarly in Idle Universe, unlocking photons would cause them to collide automatically producing more resources for you to spend.

The good thing about Idle Universe is that it can be played offline, one enjoys daily rewards and can earn achievements. Play it however you wish, whether you’re interested in playing it for long or short bursts of playing of playing it throughout the day. The game also features a leaderboard to keep track of where you are compared to other players in the world.

By restarting the game, you can get antimatter. Antimatter can be used to obtain permanent upgrades. Create the universe from colorful tiny particles to gigantic galaxies and beyond. It is a simple and easy game to play and doesn’t have the complexity of most clicker games.

As far as the graphics are concerned, they are acceptable, but nothing to be excited about like the other games. Both Android users and Apple users can enjoy this incremental tap game for free by downloading it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s iTunes respectively.