Developed and published by Fluffy Fairy Games for Android and iOS, Idle Miner Tycoon is an outstanding games which provides you with the ability to work your way up from a single coal mine through all kinds of resources, and once you’re done with your first few mines you can unlock additional continents to keep going

At first all you need to do is tap on the the workers to get them to mine, you can hire managers to automatically handle workers as well as give them various bonuses.

Idle Miner Tycoon lets the player gain rewards while the game is closed, loading up the game will give you a not so insignificant amount of money to spend on upgrades. Simply go through the ranks and enhance your mining company by wisely investing the heap of cash which your employees earned for you.

Your first continent contains Coal, Gold, Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds. Boost your wealth and get the addiction of this wonderful game. The ability of playing it offline without the need for internet makes it a wise choice for playing it while travelling.

As far as the free to play aspect is concerned, the game is fairly well balanced and throws the premium currency at you on a regular basis, chests are dropped with bonuses at certain times when you log in, advertisement videos can be watched to provide boosts to your income, and one time purchases are available to permanently increase your income.

The background music is simple and light on the ears without any repetitive mining sounds, graphics are the same with animations only where they’re necessary. The game is avaialble free of cost from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store