Idle Armies is a new, story driven idle game which has a pretty unique concept. The name pretty much gives away everything the game is about, except at the same time, it doesn’t.  At the very least you can get an idea that it’s an adventure-war game. The most interesting fact about the game is that you get to build and control both the Hero and the Villain army. This is a concept which isn’t really common in idle games, yet it works for Idle Armies.

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Idle Armies is available on both Android and iOS

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This game gets addictive as you get to build and control both the armies, switching between them is part of the game itself so whenever you feel like you’re stuck, simply switch over to the other side. Boss battles are done against members of the other army and you can eventually purchase upgrades depending on how far into the game you are. Although you will be given the opportunity to switch teams every so often, if you want, you can carry on your journey with a particular army until you want. Though frequent switch will give you more DPS points for both of your armies.

As for the design, Idle Armies uses a pixel design which gives it a classic retro outlook. Although it may seem a bit old school, once you start to play, you will be stuck for hours the heroes also tend to have some really interesting dialogues along the way, occasionally full of memes and usual banter, the game has events you can take part in every now and then.

Idle Armies gameplayIdle Armies gameplayIdle Armies gameplayIdle Armies gameplay

The lack of guilds and other community services, inability to sync the game to the cloud, etc, bring the game down to a halt, stopping it from probably becoming one of the best idle games out there.