Playing Idle Games can be fun but it does get frustrating at times, every so often you’ll hit a wall and it doesn’t matter which Idle Game you’re playing, there are always walls.

Grow Castle, Tap Titans 2, Crab War, Clicker Heroes, there are walls in all of them, whether it’s about beating the black dragon or just getting to stage 1000 in Tap Titans 2, remember that the only thing holding you back is time.

How most idle games work

The items you get, the relics you trade in for artifacts or the DNA you spend on mutations, all incremental games have at least some bit of RNG involved in them, getting the best artifact early on during your game can be a game changer, it’s the difference between days of progress or weeks of it, but there’s always some things you can do to minimize the RNG factor.

First of all, you need to identify which RNG element is holding you back, this can be different for different games so let’s take a look at the ones you’re probably familiar with.

RNG in Grow Castle

Most of the randomness in Grow Castle comes from the equipment drops, getting the best equipment in Grow Castle is bound to speed up your progression significantly, the drop rates are pretty low and at the end of the day some people don’t even recommend farming certain dragons for a while.

It’s not possible to completely take out RNG from your Grow Castle gameplay but it is definitely possible to minimize its effects, the one positive aspect of farming dragons in Grow Castle is that apart from the later few getting tougher as you beat more of them, there isn’t really a negative aspect of repeatedly killing them. They don’t increase in strength that much.

So just keep going at them until you get something worthwhile. In other games, you’d have to either spend premium currency or farm all the way back to this point just to have another go at the RNG dice roll.

RNG in Tap Titans 2

The developers tried to remove quite a bit of RNG when they created their sequel to Tap Titans, but let’s be honest. Tap Titans has to have RNG or it would be the most boring game on the playstore.

Not to mention the least successful since diamonds aren’t exactly handed out to you for free. There’s quite a few whales who love spending on idle games.

Their method of not having progression dependant on RNG? Adding even more RNG.

To start it all off we have equipment, it matters a lot. Having good equipment drops early in the game can mean as much as having several times more damage than your counterparts, several times the gold dropping from each Titan or just insane damage from your Pets or Taps. All of these things might not seem like a lot but at the end of the day they add up, sometimes all you need to break that next wall is just a 7x damage multiplier, being lucky will get you that.

Then we have Pets, there are some pets like Kit which can simply never be replaced, sure they don’t increase your damage significantly but they let you use your already immense damage to kill multiple Titans at the same time, progressing through the game at up to 4 times the speed. Eventually you’ll get enough pets leveled up that they do more damage than your heroes, but even if you have all the pets in the world but not enough levels in Kit, life is going to be sad. Titans can only spawn so fast.

At the end of the day, we have artifacts, getting the best one at the start of the game will mean you get significantly more relics, meaning you get more artifacts, can upgrade more artifact and are generally better off than most people, Book of Shadows is so important that people often recommend others to just give up on their account and restart if they don’t get it during the first few rolls.

RNG in Crab War

Update: This post was written back in 2017, Crab War has since had a nice overhaul.

Crab War on the other hand only has two bits of RNG and its pretty similar to TT2’s artifact system, if you’re lucky enough to get a good mutation early on in the game, power to you, Ember Tipped Carapace is the Crab War equivalent for Book of Shadows but there’s mutation sets involved and having all three in a set also increases the total DNA you earn per Ecdysis (Prestige).

And then we come to Gems, Gems are the reason it’s really hard for new Crab War players to ever compete with older veterans, more gems means more damage means higher position in tournaments, which means more gems.

Minimising the RNG

There is always something you can do to minimise RNG or just skew it into your favour, whether you keep on upgrading your heroes and grind through the walls or just keep on rolling the dice hoping to get a better reward, remember that true RNG is a nemesis who you don’t want to face head-on.

Grow Castle? Tap Titans? What do you mean minimize RNG?!

Playing games like Grow Castle and Tap Titans 2, there are different ways to tackle your issues. There is no prestige in Grow Castle but there is one in Tap Titans 2, most of the scaling in Grow Castle is linear where as Tap Titans 2 is exponential, both of the games are very different from each other.

Grow Castle

You get one crystal every time you finish a wave in Grow Castle, you can always farm crystals whenever you need them, they can be spent on a variety of upgrades and resets, all of which have no RNG, similarly the Earth Colonies can be completed in just a couple of days (take a week if you’re a casual gamer) after starting the game if you know what you’re doing, this gives you a proper source of gold as well as crystals which you can then spend on getting stronger,

If you’ve ever tried to ask anyone: How to beat the black dragon then you’re simply not paying attention to how the game actually works, the Colonies are a good example of checking out your strength, being able to beat a colony with around 3k – 4k strength means you kill the Black Dragon in under 10 seconds, if your heroes are strong enough to clear Earth then killing the Black Dragon is only going to take you a couple of seconds at most.

This means you get more chances to get better gear per hour, your first aim after getting the basic gear from the basic and black dragon should be to clear all of the Earth Colonies, after doing so you can move up and attempt farming for gear.

Castle components can now be purchased and upgraded with gems, meaning so long as you’re willing to devote time, there will always be progress.

Tap Titans 2 and Crab Wars

Update: Most of the information over here is going to be outdated because both Crab War and Tap Titans 2 have received somewhat massive overhauls in the past few months. It’s still a good read though!

The developers moved some things around and Intimidating Presence is in the Skill Tree now, it’s no longer an artifact and people seem to keep on underestimating it.

Intimidating Presence does the same thing as Ember Tipped Walkers. Both of them reduce the number of Titans or Crabs you need to fight before you hit the boss, it’s different in Tap Titans 2 because for every 1000 stages the total number of Titans gets increased by 4, meaning that a higher level Intimidating Presence would actually be very beneficial as it would cut your total run times significantly.

Combined with Kit and a level 2-3 Intimidating Presence (possible at 800), you only need to kill two Titans then the Boss for most of your way up to stage 500. Since there is no splash damage in Crab Wars and let’s be honest, most of the time climbing is spent watching the screen scroll to the next Crab, having a max level Ember Tipped Walkers cuts your total run times in half.

There are essentially no drawbacks to prioritize both of these options as both of them make it significantly easier to farm Relics or DNA, depending on which game you’re playing.

Then we have other tricks, ways to trick the RNG, did you know that when buying pets from the shop, if the first one for 25 diamonds is a level 3 or 5, the second pet for 50 diamonds will also be the same level? The same is true for Eggs, the second Egg will always have the same level as the first one, that’s why it’s often recommended to just always open two eggs at a time, even though the Pet levels from Eggs will even out over time, you’re much more likely to tell the difference from 10 extra levels of pets than just 2. (It just feels good).

Three Step Guide for any Idle Game

  • Identify the RNG
  • Identify ways to minimise the RNG
  • Focus on parts of progression that are in your control, whether you have to stay in a lower tournament bracket to get more eggs or just keep on resetting the game.

And as a bonus point, you don’t have to min-max everything, what actually matters is that you enjoy playing the game.

Why are you trying to finish an idle game in the first place? Won’t that mean you have to deal with whatever it is you’re trying to get away from??