Hollywhoot, as the name actually kind of suggests, is a game based on Hollywood. It’s the story of a boy who follows his dream of becoming the best director in the world. The game is about making movies, generating revenue and then investing for more profits as you move towards becoming one of the best in the world.

The people at Joyseed Gametribe have done a splendid job of bringing something unique to the clicker world. The game definitely needs more polish and some quality of life improvements down the road though! We’re still recommending it.


The game starts with a tutorial which teaches you how to launch your first movie. In the beginning you have a studio where you make movies and an academy where you hire junior actors and train them to be better. The studio has 3 floors, with only the ground floor unlocked at the start of the game. When you’re in the studio, you get an option to make a movie, at the start of the game there are 3 genres unlocked, i.e Action, Thriller and Drama, but more unlock as you level up through the game. To make a movie you select the genre, and then select the actor to start the timer, every movie has a time to complete which also keeps increasing as you progress through the game. A really interesting part of the game is when you can reduce the timer by one second for a specific movie every time you tap the studio. As you unlock the 2nd and 3rd floor you get the ability to make up to 3 movies at the same time.

The Academy

In the academy there is a “hire actor”option. When you hire an actor you award them Charisma, Physical and Acting points and after a certain number of points the players evolve based on the skill-set given to them by the player. Every upgrade in points has a specific cost and his/her income per movie increases as the actor gets better. You can hire multiple actors and make movies of them together. Every movie produces some profit which also keeps increasing as you progress. After a couple of successful movies you unlock the shop which has what we call “in-game purchases” to help you in the game.

Bits and pieces

As you become a better director you unlock the “Research Factory” and “TV shows” . The Research factory gives you special cards for evolved players which in-turn gives you a better profit if one of your actor who has evolved to that card is in a movie. In the TV shows section you can start your own show from the money you’ve made and the shows will generate constant time based profits (e.g 1M ever 5 seconds) to help you grow.

You can watch ads and use gems to skip all kinds of waiting time and there’s a gift car that keeps on popping up every few seconds with random gifts, like gems or power ups or even huge money gifts to help you in the game.

Overall it’s a very addicting and colourful game, specially for people who love Hollywood games. The background music and cartoonic graphic really make it fun for everyone.