grow castle

When it comes to idle games, Grow Castle is another name which you’ve probably seen every now and then on the app store, Grow Castle gives you the ability to set up your castle defenses in order to defend against waves of enemies attempting to take you down.

Grow Castle starts off just as slow as any other idle game but once it gets going, the game gives you an achievable end-game to work towards.

The contrasting feature between Grow Castle and other incremental games is the way progression works, while in other you’ll be frequently resetting your progress in order to achieve higher goals, Grow Castle forces you to stick to a single run, in all honesty though, Grow Castle is no where close to being as incremental as other games on the market since even at wave 1000 you’ll only be dealing with numbers in the millions.

Features are added every now and then giving old players a reason to come back to the game, the game also features boss raids and as you defeat the later bosses, they’ll start getting stronger, the RNG factor in equipment drops is one of the few reasons its recommended to keep farming a single dragon until you can kill the next one easily.

Guilds were added to the game too! So there’s some PvP factor now as well 😀