As far as gold farming is concerned in Grow Castle, there’s a few common sources of gold, these are split into two major categories, Idle Gold and Active Gold. Do take a look at our guide for the dragon bosses if you’re looking for tips on game progression.

Idle gold is earned while you’re not actually playing the game, it’s gold from your captured colonies, gold from your workers, etc. On the other hand in order to earn active gold you have to take part in playing the game, doing waves, clearing hell mode, killing dragons and selling loot, etc.

Idle Gold in Grow Castle

In the long run, this should be your primary source of gold income.

Your first aim should be to clear all the Earth colonies as soon as possible, the reason being that in order to earn gold from the colonies the only requirement is that you keep the game running, similarly you’ll also be able to have workers mine for gold, although they stop becoming a profitable investment pretty early on, they’re still a nice addition.

There is no need to clear waves or kill dragons, simply relax as the gold keeps counting up.

Grow Castle - Idle Gold

Lower your brightness, sit back, go to bed, and get your gold.

Idle Gold in Grow Castle

This is the gold you earn by clearing waves, taking part in battles or selling equipment dropped by the dragons. This also includes gold you earn by watching videos or clicking on treasure chests.

Generally this is a quick way to earn gold as you can quickly run a few back-to-back dragon runs for a couple million gold, items are sold for a fairly acceptable price but most of the gold will be coming from the end of battle chest, with the Red Dragon giving about a quarter of a million gold per kill.

Gold from Dragons

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As you can see, even though the amount of gold from each of the dragon doesn’t really amount to something huge considering you won’t be able to kill Sin while in early game, they can still be a quick way to gather up a small amount of gold in case you’re short.

Dragons aren’t really the best source of gold and if you’re interested in farming gold in Grow Castle then you need to take a step away from your phone, quite literally.

Gold from waves and Hell mode

Another primary source of your gold will obviously be the usual waves and the occasional hell mode runs, the gold you earn from these runs is going to be several times more significant than the gold from dragons, another bonus of clearing the usual wave is obviously the one crystal you get for each wave cleared.

Gold earned from waves can be increased but quite insignificantly by using “Gold per hit” items, heroes with AoE attacks, fast attacks or multiple summons doing damage at the same time are ideal for use with gold per hit items, but they’re still far from useful, it’s not really worth it to go through the trouble of changing hero items just to gain a small amount of gold per wave.

Idle Gold – Grow Castle and Colonies

This should be your first aim for earning gold in Grow Castle, the primary source of gold and most significant because it can be earned while you sleep.

Simply open the game and keep your device plugged in, remember to turn the brightness down to a minimum. Lowering game effects can also make a huge difference on how heated up your phone gets while running the game.

Most daily players of Grow Castle can do this and earn a significant amount of gold overnight, clearing just around 80 colonies (fairly easy to do) gives you about 200,000 gold per minute from the colonies. Items such as the Whip can also significantly increase the gold earned from colonies so it is recommended to upgrade such items as a priority.

Coming in at around 200,000 gold per minute, that’s a million gold for every five minutes, assuming that you sleep the average of eight hours, so 480 minutes, that’s 96 million gold without doing anything, all of this doesn’t even take into account the fact that 200,000 gold from colonies means that you haven’t even finished a quarter of them.

This is why it is recommended for beginners to finish all the Earth colonies as soon as possible, the amount of gold you can earn overnight is simply too much to ignore.