Grow Castle starts off as a fairly simple game. Kill a wave of enemies, get more gold, upgrade your castle and heroes. Rinse and repeat. The grow castle market, on the other hand, is something very counter-intuitive. Many people suggest that by the time you unlock the market itself, the gold you get through it is pretty much useless. As we discussed in an older version of this guide over here, getting hearts doesn’t only increase the gold you get for trading in gems. It also increases the gold you get for selling items from raids.

Grow Castle

Let us begin by talking about the game itself. We’re going to assume you’re familiar with the game enough to understand what we’ll be talking about. This isn’t a beginner’s guide, we’re simply going over the basic mechanics of the game itself. There are two primary upgrades you can spend your gold on, your castle and your archers. The first increases the health of your castle while the second increases the passive damage your archers do

Grow Castle - Idle Gold

Lower your brightness, sit back, go to bed, and get your gold.

These two will be your primary sources of progression when you start the game off for the first time. As you progress through the waves you’ll want to spend your gold on heroes, eventually working your way towards being strong enough for raids. At the end of the day, killing a dragon is all about making sure that you can kill it faster than it can destroy your castle. So don’t hold back on spending all the extra gold whenever you can.

The importance of gold

Now that you understand why gold is important, let us talk a bit more about why gold is important in Grow Castle. Browsing through the internet and watching YouTube videos will let you know that people keep the game running overnight – Just to collect the idle gold. Getting as much gold as possible is so important that finishing all the Earth Colonies as soon as possible is one of the most important objectives for new players.

Here’s a quick list of things gold is spent on:

  • Pretty much everything.

Grow Castle is pretty simple with its economy, it’s not your traditional idle game. You won’t progress from single digits to billions in a few hours. This is why gold is important in Grow Castle, this is why even though people will argue against it, the market is important in Grow Castle.

The Grow Castle Market itself and Hearts

The Grow Castle market is a place for you to spend your gems once you have nothing else to spend them on. Due to the recent updates, however – That’s never going to happen. Since different sections of your tower can now be upgraded to have turrets in them. Gems are used to upgrade these turrets and that’s exactly what you should be doing with your gems. But unlike the market, these towers can be upgraded pretty much infinitely.

So why should you avoid upgrading the tower itself? Is there any reason to spend your gems on acquiring hearts?

A reason to get hearts

It’s a passive bonus. An increase in the price of all the equipment you’ll be selling to the market. And unlike towers, there comes a point when you have the “maximum bonus” from trading in your gems for hearts. Think of the hearts as having good relations with the market merchants. You get better prices for being friends with them.

Having 100 hearts means that you will sell your equipment for a significantly higher amount. This gold will come nowhere close to the gold you get for running the game overnight. But it’s a definite increase in your idle income. So at the end of the day, the real question is: Are you willing to sacrifice tower segment levels for some extra gold?

How many gems do you need for 100 hearts?

You earn one heart for every ten crystals, you’ll have to turn in ten crystals, 100 times in order to hit the cap, costing you a total of 1000 crystals. This costs the same as turning in thirty crystals at a time.
You earn three hearts for every thirty crystals, you’ll have to turn in thirty crystals, 33 times and then turn in ten crystals to hit the cap, costing you a total of 1000 crystals. This costs the same as turning in ten crystals at a time.
You earn six hearts for every fifty crystals, you’ll have to turn in fifty crystals, 16 times and then get the remaining hearts by using the other two options, costing you a total of 840 crystals. This costs 160 crystals less than the two alternatives.