If you’re here then you’re probably looking for tips and guides on Grow Castle, maybe you’re stuck, maybe you can’t kill the and of the grow castle dragons or perhaps you’re just looking for guides on how to clear all the colonies, well look no further since we’ve gathered up all the information you’ll ever need in one place.

So first of all, some basic info about the game’s progression.

The Green Dragon – First Boss

This will be your basic source of equipment, some may say its not worth doing the first dragon since he only drops B class equipment, but being able to do the green dragon is a good measure of progression.

It may take several tries at first and at the end of the day it all depends on pure luck so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it at first, but what you’re actually looking for is just a flat damage stat for your heroes, something like this:

Your next step should be to upgrade it to whatever level you feel comfortable with, since it starts becoming a gamble the more levels you put into an equipment, similarly pick up bows for your archer heroes and a few staff for your mages.

Once you have the swords, bows and staff equipped and upgraded to a decent level, you’ll start seeing improvements in your heroes’ damage output, it is important to remember that this flat damage (no percentage % stat) method will only help you at early levels, once your heroes start doing a significant amount of damage, the percentage stats will start out damaging the flat stat, for example, take a look at this dark bow master at level 175.

With flat damage bow (+150 damage)

With percentage damage bow (+10%)

This should give you a rough example of the reasoning behind picking flat damage over percentage damage, especially early game.

And as expected, there is no point in doing the green dragon once you have enough damage for the black one.

The Black Dragon

At first you may think that just having a 5% chance of getting an equipment with better quality might not be worth the trouble but at the end of the day, it’s better than a 0% chance.

The black dragon will still give you the classic, Tier B equipment 95% of the time but every so often you’ll be rewarded with an A class equipment, These have two stats which can be upgraded simultaneously, a good example of something worthwhile from Tier A would be a double damage equipment.

You’ll be using quite a lot of B and A quality equipment in the days to come, not because they’re the best ones out there, but because its just so hard to get anything else at least for the time being.

Red Dragon, Sin and Legendary

This is where things start getting tougher, as you beat these dragons they start getting tougher, but in all honesty their strength growth is really hard to notice, the Red Dragon starts with a difficulty rating of only a thousand, every time you defeat it the difficulty rating increases by 5, that’s a 0.5% increase in difficulty every time you beat the boss.

Worst case scenario, you kill the boss a hundred times without any useful drops, if that ever happens then, well… just unlucky mate.

Realistically speaking though, once you have basic equipment set up on all your heroes you should more than easily be able to take on the Red Dragon without ever having to worry about it becoming too strong for you to deal with, this is purely because the incremental strength increase is barely noticeable when compared to the rate at which your own heroes and archers are getting stronger.

The drop rate for S quality equipment is pretty low for the Red Dragon, 0.5%, so expect to go hundreds of runs without getting anything in return.

For more information on how to break walls, take a look at our general guide over here.