While playing Grow Castle, you’re faced with a choice between the crystal tree and gold tree. Since you can’t have more than a single tree equipped, some people can get pretty indecisive about this decision. Well, worry not.

The Crystal Tree

In our opinion, the crystal tree is the better option for most players who are starting out the game. This is because crystals can be used for a variety of different items. You can’t really increase the rate at which you receive them. The crystal tree gives you about one crystal every three to four waves. The animation for the tree itself is pretty misleading because it looks like you’re getting a lot more crystals than that.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to ever use the gold tree! The gold tree is still very useful for general progression. Gold is ultimately your limiting factor for upgrading your heroes and the gold tree will help you earn more.

Is the crystal tree worth getting?

It costs 20 crystals to purchase either of the trees. You’ll easily make back your investment in around 60 waves. After this, you’ll be running in the green. Crystals can be spent on a variety of upgrades but above all else, they can be spent on upgrading your tower sections. Further protecting you from aerial attacks and those pesky ships that are very annoying to deal with.

Why are crystals so important?

They can be used for a lot of different things, above all else: upgrading your different tower sections and maxing out on your market hearts.