Food Evolution is developed by Diced Pixel and taking a look through their other games would tell you that pretty much all of their games identical in gameplay. The only difference between the games is the use of different characters or items. The games are essenially reskins of one another.

As for as Food Evolution is concerned, the game is designed around combining edibles to gain more expensive ones. It does have some idle elements to it but as far as traditional clicker games are concerned, it doesn’t even come close to being one.

You start with nothing and work your way towards more expensive items by combining similar items together. Clicking on an edible gives you coins and the more expensive it is, the more coins you earn. That’s pretty much all the clicking the game has to offer. It is rather generous with starting you off and it’s not a difficult game by any means.

But for all intents and purposes, Food Evolution is not exactly an idle game, it’s fun to enjoy during your down time and play while you have nothing else to do. But that’s where the comparison ends.