People tend to dismiss most of the free Steam games out there but but that really shouldn’t be stopping anyone from trying them out, it doesn’t matter what your favorite genre is because chances are high that there is a good game out there just for you.

Whether you’re interested in shooters, RPGs, clickers or just some visual novels, don’t be afraid of take a look through the free to play section every now and then.

Planetside 2 – The Free to Play MMO Shooter

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Sequel to the original Planetside but still packed with a steep learning curve, Planetside 2 brings pretty much all MMO FPS titles to shame, with up to two thousand players playing on a single map, coming together to capture territories and conquer continents.

The game features three different factions, the Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic and the New Conglomerate. Each with their own agendas and backstory, unique vehicles, weapons and aesthetics. Choosing between them is up to you and you’re allowed a fairly healthy number of character slots, letting you try them all out before making the final decision.

Warframe – The Free to Play PvE Shooter

warframe war within

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If fighting human players isn’t doing it for you then Warframe is the game for you. Whether you’re interested in Bows, Crossbows, Pistols, Shotguns or Snipers, if you can think of a weapon type then Warframe has it for you, and the best thing is that unless you want to min-max and be the very best, pretty much all weapons can be used. Since earning mastery in each of the weapon is the only way to level up your character, you don’t really get a choice, you’re pretty much forced to eventually craft and use every single weapon.

Warframe isn’t for players who are looking for high-quality PvP content, the game may feel like a grind if you don’t like plowing your way through countless enemies, either way the game is pretty fair to F2P players so it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

Path of Exile – It’s basically Diablo

path of exile the awakening

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If you’ve ever wanted to play a good story based RPG like Diablo but shied away from it because of the price tag, well Path of Exile is the game for you. The game lures you in with a massive passive skill tree, the classes are well thought out and the world is as immersive as it gets.

Path of Exile is pretty well known for being one of the most free to play friendly games out there, there is almost no need to spend any amount of money on the game and nearly all the micro-transactions are purely cosmetic, additional slots for your bank or just fancy pets which don’t really do much, they’re fancy.

Paladins – Overwatch for the masses

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Even though Paladins looks a bit too similar to Overwatch in more aspects than one, it’s still a game unlike any other, the business model might also seem to favor paying players a bit too much but at the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to find high quality F2P games which don’t have unfair micro-transactions.

Paladins itself takes features from Overwatch, it doesn’t really improve on them but it does try to make the game pace differently, expect a completely different community compared to Overwatch because one is a free to play community where as the other is a community which paid a pretty handsome sum to play the game in the first place.

Soda Dungeon – The idle dungeon crawler

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Soda Dungeon - Banner

Recently added on Steam, Soda Dungeon was previously only playable on Android and iOS, it’s an idle game where you hire a party of adventurers, equip them with gear and shove them into a dungeon to earn gold, gear and the occasional rare items.

Soda Dungeon is a game which you can play in the background while doing other work, you can quickly set up a run and send your party into the dungeon, then continue whatever work you were doing, the option to automate battles pretty much means you’ll be idling most of the time while playing Soda Dungeon.

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