Developed by Monospect, Fishing Boss is a paid idle game and the first one we’re taking a look at over here. The game features 3D graphics, a ton of fish jokes combined with the classic idle experience. But that’s not really the most interesting thing about Fishing Boss.

We don’t really see a lot of idle titles that require upfront payments. Most players already shy away from paid applications and as far as idle titles are concerned, there’s way too many available for free. The paid ones get easily ignored but that’s not what happened to Fishing Boss.

Fishing Boss managed to get noticed, even if slightly. For the US store, it was ranked #76 in the Top Paid apps and #68 in Top Family apps. Most idle games are free to play and just having an idle title find some success in the paid apps section is wonderful.

The developers promise that Fishing Boss does not, and will not have any in-app purchases or advertisements. Just a pure idle gaming experience. The game features a fairly simple progression system and doesn’t deviate a lot from most idle titles. So if you’re looking for a simple, ad-free idle experience without any advertisements popping up in your face, feel free to pick it up.

Perhaps it’s time to also mention that Clicker Heroes 2 is another upcoming sequel which is letting go of its free-to-play nature in favour of a better game experience for its players. We recently got a separate sub-category in Google Play for clicker games but in all honestly, someone needs to come up with a new mechanic as most titles in this genre feel like a re-skin of existing games.