I had been looking for a proper RPG based idle game for quite a while before I stumbled on to this masterpiece, as far as RPG elements go, this game has dungeons, skills to use, items to craft by using materials from the dungeons, a vast range of units to choose from and a fairly generous developer as far as free goodies are concerned.

The game’s primary source of revenue is obviously advertisements yet it offers a wide variety of packages to choose from, the limited edition packages are, once again, quite generous.

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Endless Frontier is available on both iOS and Android

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Unlike other idle games, Endless Frontier doesn’t involve any sort of clicking, the game is as idle as it gets, offline progression also gets faster once you get further into the game and the PvP itself is fairly simple to get into.

The game pays respect to its art style, any new units added to the game fit in with the world created by the previous units and in-game events are fairly regular. Ad-based boosts are available and if you’re out of advertisements to watch then there’s nothing to worry about, your rewards are guaranteed either way.

The premium currency being gems, prices might look steep at first glance but after playing for a day or two you’ll realize that it’s pretty hard to keep using gems as fast as the game throws them at you, just a few days of not using any would have you getting close to five digits.

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The game has so much more to offer than what it shows on the surface? You just need to dive in.