Egg inc is an incremental tap game developed by Auxbrain. The game requires you to build a farm in order to generate and sell eggs, start from nothing and work your way through the various types of eggs available to produce.

The game is fairly simple to play and get into, all you need to do is, tap on the red chicken button. It will send the hens to the hen housing. The more you tap, the more chickens would be sent to the chicken house to produce eggs. In terms of graphics the game is on par with A Girl Adrift so make sure you check that out as well.

As you earn money and new types of eggs are discovered, you’re allowed to sell your current farm and switch over to the next type of egg. The developers have added a few extra eggs along with various end-game goals for players to work towards.

The game can be played and enjoyed offline, daily gifts are also a feature, the premium currency can be obtained without purchasing it and the game itself is fairly friendly to free players. Optional videos are available to be watched if you’re interested in obtaining some bonuses (extra money production for a short time).

The game consists of various different limitting factors working together, the number of chickens you have, the vehicles you can hire to ship eggs have a load limit, the hen houses have a capacity as well.

Random gifts are also offered which may contain piles of cash or the premium currency, tapping on the flying drones would destroy them and the player gets a generous reward for doing so.

Besides this, various researches are available, an entire category of researches will stay with you even after you reset your progress, whether you’re interested in increasing the egg value or the rate of laying eggs, you’re free to choose between them as you wish.

As far as the graphics are concerned, the 3D graphics of Egg inc are well done, the UI is pixel perfect and shadows add to the simplistic beauty of your farm. The game is available on Android and iPhone completely free of charge.