Developed and published by PikPok for Android and iOS, Dungeon Inc. is one of those games which are simple to understand but seem to keep getting more complex over time. You start with nothing and work your way up, you get to explore new environments and progress through the world of Dungeon Inc.

This idle game starts off with a small tutorial to guide you through the basics of the game, it’s easy to learn and you won’t really be competeing with others for a spot on the daily ranking for now, the game’s only purpose is to provide a calm experience.

Evade the auditors which appear every now and then, you get various rewards for defending your facilities, your profits can be spent to unlock new rooms. In addition to this, the daily spin option provides the benefit of getting more treasure.

Just like any idle game, it is simply your own motivation which keeps you playing the game. Your main goal is to simply earn more and more profit for the company while keeping it safe from the auditors. 

Dungeon Inc. also has PvP where you can take your teams and invade other players’s dungeons, earning rewards and finding your place on the daily rankings, PvP is an important part of the game but don’t worry about losing your progress when someone attacks you, the game is fairly casual in that sense.

The game has splendid graphics which add to the idle gaming experience, it’s addictive and available on your Android devices by downloading it from the Google Play Store and for the owners of iOS devices, it is available on Apple’s iTunes Store. Download it free of cost and relish it thoroughly.