Developed by Appxplore, whether you’ve heard of it or not, Crab War is a game which deserves your attention, using a progression route similar to most clicker games such as Clicker Heroes and Tap Titans, Crab War puts you against reptiles which threaten the existence of your species.

Start the game off by spawning crabs with each click, eventually gaining enough gold to purchase queens which spawn periodically. Expect to be tapping longer than most idle games out there until you reach your first Ecdysis.

Progression-wise the game uses a system similar to that of Tap Titans yet quite different at the same time, eventually you’ll be able to effectively idle throughout entire runs, the game does lack the ability to progress while offline, apart from all of these things though, the game is quite pretty to look at, the graphics are done amazingly well and the game itself will run smoothly on many modern devices, although heating up is definitely an issue, it’s no stranger for players of incremental games.

Recent updates have made the game quite interesting and it seems like the developers have also worked on other incremental titles worth checking out, Star Tap is one of them.