After a long period without any changes to tournament brackets in Crab War, the developers finally released a massive update focussed on a rework. This update dealt with most, if not all of the complaints players had against the way tournaments were conducted. The update primarily focussed on how players are placed with one another, to put it simply.

The New Tournament Bracket System

Depending on your past history, you are placed in a tournament bracket. At the moment there are five tournament brackets but it is entirely possible that the folks over at end up adding more brackets as we get more content.

  • Bronze League
  • Silver League
  • Gold League
  • Crystal League
  • Pearl League

These brackets see increasingly higher rewards for participation and competing. We wouldn’t recommend staying in the same bracket for long, simply try to reach as high as possible. There is no need to hold back because doing so only lowers how much genes you can earn in the long run. In order to understand why that’s the case, let us take a look at the rewards for the various tournament brackets.

In addition to rewards for competing in tournaments, you also get a bonus for being promoted from one league to another.

Bronze League

This is where you will be placed if you have never taken part in a tournament before. Considered a newbie by the system, you will play against other players that the system considers to be new to the game. Remember that players might still be able to achieve really high scores, don’t be discouraged because the way this system is set up, these players will soon be out of your league (no promises for even more people doing so in the next tournament though).

4 - 10907562
11 - 25805052
26 - 50704042
51 - 75553041
76 - 100452031
101 - 150201020
151 - 20010510

Silver League – At 300 Crowns

Being promoted to Silver League for the first time, you will earn:

  • 75 Pearls
  • 6 Genes
  • 3 Gems

Along with all the genes and gems you earned during Bronze, these should be enough of a push to get you going against other players in Silver. You may have also noticed that simply participating in the tournament nets you five genes, meaning that from here on out, even if you’re not going to play, there’s no harm in just logging on and getting yourself into a tournament.

4 - 10175150105
11 - 2515010094
26 - 501408084
51 - 751156073
76 - 1001054063
101 - 150902062
151 - 200801052

Gold League – At 1500 Crowns

Being promoted to Gold League for the first time, you will earn:

  • 150 Pearls
  • 12 Genes
  • 6 Gems

Making your way towards those key gene modifications is going to get a lot easier from here on out. But competing for those top slots in tournaments will be equally as hard. As always, participate even if you’re not playing. Pearl income should be going up as well now, bringing you closer to becoming self-sufficient.

4 - 10280225168
11 - 25245150147
26 - 50220120136
51 - 7521090126
76 - 10018560115
101 - 15017530105
151 - 2001501594

Crystal League – 3000 CrownsCrab War - Crystal League

Being promoted to Crystal League for the first time, you will earn:

  • 300 Pearls
  • 18 Genes
  • 9 Gems

Still far away from the top dogs in Crab War, you’ll be here for quite a while. Participation rewards are higher than ever and you’ll probably be moving towards a complete gene tree now, this is also a good time to start investing in the Gene Lab. As far as Ecdysis is concerned, make sure that you only spend your pearls on Super Ecdysis, a good idea is to farm for DNA between tournaments while trying to push through walls during tournaments.

4 - 104153002213
11 - 253802002012
26 - 503451601811
51 - 753201201710
76 - 10029580169
101 - 15027040158
151 - 20024520147

Pearl League – 7000 Crowns

Being promoted to Crystal League for the first time, you will earn:

  • 500 Pearls
  • 25 Genes
  • 15 Gems

Until more content and a need for more brackets is added, this will be the general population for the time being. Most of your opponents will be just as try-hard as you are, people will try to tie for the top spots but rarely succeed at doing so, expect a lot of bad blood between players.

4 - 105453752917
11 - 255102502716
26 - 504752002515
51 - 754401502314
76 - 1004151002213
101 - 150390502112
151 - 200380252012