The Gene Tree in Crab War is the game’s second mean of progression, the first being Mutations. Players may earn Gene Points by taking part in Crab War’s PvP content, the two weekly tournaments. The number of Gene Point you earn depends entirely on your current tournament tier.

Crab War - Gene Tree

Starting the game out, your gene tree should begin to look something like this

Gene Tree – Your First Large Gene

Treasure Butterfly – The second best for pearl farming

No matter how many times you have played the game before, make sure that you head straight for the Treasure Butterfly. This is due to a few reasons. Without this gene, the Blue Butterfly might as well be worthless for some players. But with it, every time you click, there is a chance to obtain bonus rewards along with the offers you usually get. The bonus rewards are:

  • Pearls – Confirmed to drop every time, up to 10. Minimum 1.
  • Gems – There is a 5% chance that the Blue Butterfly will drop a gem.

Gems are great, gems are love, gems are life. They are the third method of progression in Crab War and every single gem counts towards getting the next tier bonus. They will be your limiting factor sooner or later and there’s no way to earn them apart from the weekly Wilde Beast and Tournament rewards.

But gems aren’t the only reason the Treasure Butterfly is a great first gene milestone to aim for. Treasure Butterfly also drops pearls, and as a reminder, we’d suggest you only spend your pearls on Super Ecdysis. Unless of course, you have an undeniable urge to break through that wall. Even if you don’t earn eight genes in a single tournament, it is definitely worth it to wait a few days just so you can unlock it.

Branching out from your Gene Tree

This is when things get a little interesting and you’re given choices. You’re free to expand in any direction as sooner or later, you’ll be finishing up the gene tree anyway. Depending on what tournament bracket you’re in, the next “large” gene might be weeks or months away. Worry not because some of the most important genes out there aren’t large ones.

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Pearl Hunter

Best for pearl farming.

This gene gives you a 5% chance to earn a pearl every time a boss is killed. There are three Pearl Hunter genes on the gene tree and each of them adds another 5% to the pearl drop rate, up to 15%. You should be able to branch out of your existing line (when you went for Treasure Butterfly) and grab Pearl Hunter.

Remember to avoid the Butterfly Shockwave! It is nothing more than a noob trap and your gene points are much better spent on more valuable genes for the time being. Another reason to avoid the Butterfly Shockwave path is because it takes you through Idle Gold. Let’s be honest, it’s basically worthless.

There is a boss every ten meters. You usually travel around 100 meters every minute. Or 1000 meters every ten minutes. Meaning that you fight 100 bosses every ten minutes. Assuming that RNG doesn’t completely screw you over, you will be earning 15 pearls every ten minutes. That’s 90 pearls an hour.

Crab War - Pearl Huner Gene

This gene is going to be your primary source for free pearls in Crab War

Gem Crystalization

Remember when we said gems are going to be your limiting factor sooner or later? Well these add another +20% to your gem bonus multiplier. Meaning if you get all five of these, your gems will be worth twice as much.

The reason this is such an important gene is because gems are a time-gate. The only way to earn them outside of Tournaments and daily Wilde Beast is through Treasure Butterfly but even that’s not a reliable way to do so. You might go weeks without a gem from Blue Butterflies, or you might get 5 in a row within an hour.

Gem Crystalization makes it so all your existing gems, and future ones will be worth an additional 20% with every upgrade. Up to a bonus of +100%.

Crab War - Gem Crystalization Gene

This gene is going to make the game much easier in the long run, reducing the total number of gems you need in the long run.

Mutation Infusion

This is another mutation that you should definitely be looking into, it might seem underwhelming compared to Gem Crystalization but that’s definitely no the case, your mutations are still responsible for a significant portion of your damage and this gene capitalizes on that.

There are a total of 11 of these and each of them increases your mutation damage by a 10% increment, having all 11 would mean your total mutation bonus gets multiplied by 2.1, so a total of 110% increase.

Another gene that increases your damage, similar to Gem Crystalization but it works on Mutations instead

One Point Genes

Let’s now go through the rest of the genes.

All Damage (+5%), Amethyst Damage (+15%), Emerald Damage (+15%), Garnet Damage (+15%), Gold Drop (+5%)

You’ll be taking these sooner or later and going through various different ones in order to reach the larger three and eight point genes. What matters the most is that prefer the crab type that’s currently limiting your progress. So if your highest queen is emerald and it looks like you’re gonna have to spend an eternity earning enough gold, take emerald. But this is only under the condition that both paths lead you to your goal, one way or another.

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Three Point Genes

These are genes which you will be directly aiming for, going through the one point genes mentioned above.

Good on paper but since the duration doesn’t really stack, you get 150% bonus for three seconds for having both of these. Think of it this way, when you’re killing reptiles as soon as they spawn, you don’t need this, when you’re killing reptiles in more than a second or two, Frenzy times out and all your crabs just slow down.

Amethyst Strand
Does exactly what it advertises, getting both of them will spawn two Amethyst crabs every seven taps. Only worth it if you actively tap.

Emerald Strand
One percent reptile gold is worthless no matter what situation you’re in, only works with Shadow Swarm. There are much better options out there.

Garnet Strand
Only works with taps just like most other type-specific genes, meaning that Shadow Swarm won’t work with this and you’re left with a sub-par gene with much better options out there, don’t go for these unless they’re in way for a goal.

Evolution Strand
Worthless, a couple extra DNA when you’re earning hundreds of thousands every Ecdysis isn’t going to solve any problems. Don’t go out of your way for these, feel free to pass through them.

Chrono Butterfly
Makes butterfly abilities last longer by 33%, there are a total of three so getting all three means you basically double the butterfly skill durations. Remember that butterfly abilities are half the duration of your active ones, meaning that all three make butterfly abilities last just as long as your active ones. Don’t go out of your way for these, feel free to pass through them.

Idle Gold
Earning idle gold in Crab War? When was that a thing? This isn’t a joke, the amount of idle gold you’re given on returning to the game is hilariously low. Don’t take these unless there is no other choice but to go through it.

Symbiotic Strand
Just like the next one in the list, Symbiotic Strand only affects base DNA, around 25000 extra for every half a million or so, think it’s worth it? Go for them.

Mutation Strand
The problem with this gene is that it affects base mutation, meaning you get to have around 14000 extra when you’re earning half a million… if you deem that worthy, go for these.

Eight Point Genes

These are the eight point genes, they are the major, sometimes game changing options that you have. We’ve already talked about how good Treasure Butterfly is, let’s take a look at the rest.

Toxic Vines
Only works for bosses. Insignificant damage as they can’t do critical hits. If you still think it’s a lot of damage, check out the reasoning over here.

Royal Wings
Does not effect your crab damage, meaning that even though queens will do double the damage, it won’t make your crabs do bonus damage through the “Queen DPS to Crab DMG” mechanic.

Laser Crab
Does literally what it says, shoots every three whether or not there is a reptile currently alive. It’s instant damage and is definitely a nice pickup for the idle players out there.

Tertiary Fission
Gives you a 1.5x increase in active damage, meaning that if you tap, get it. If you don’t tap, why are you even considering it?

Gunner Crab
Just like Tertiary Fusion, if you tap, get it, if you don’t tap, well… don’t. This gene, Tertiary Fusion and the two Amethyst Strands are a must-have for active tappers.

Midas Swarm
Gold is good but it’s only going to help you at walls as most of the time your Swarm will not be hitting a crab more than once. Its corner position means that you can’t exactly rush towards it and eight genes aren’t worth it as a priority.

Gilded Leech
Definitely worth it! Increases the gold from Golden Leech significantly, it works with Tapper Crab as well so if you have both of them, expect to get significantly (10x) more gold from your Golden Leeches.

Foggy Mist
Dodging? Since when did we care about that enough? This gene would definitely be worth it if it affected every crab out there.

Golden Boss
A chance to earn 10x gold from 30% of the bosses you kill, seems nice on paper but if you’re not having trouble killing bosses, you don’t really need the gold. By the time you need gold desperately, the bosses get harder to kill.

Colossal Twin
Do you know how useless Colossal Crab is? This is twice as useless.

Let us know if we forgot anything!