When it comes to Idle games, the first one which you’ve probably seen being mentioned around the internet is Clicker Heroes, the game is certainly not unique, it’s a monster slaying game where you tap to do damage, as time goes on you hire mercenaries to fight for you, eventually having the game play itself without having to do anything except the occasional restart of the game itself to gain new souls.

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The game is available on all modern platforms, including handheld devices as well as personal computers, it’s completely free to play on all platforms, here are the links to download Clicker Heroes on various platforms.

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The game starts off with you against the world, weak as ever, in a situation similar to many other idle games out there, having to use your fingers to do any damage while also upgrading heroes at the same time.

Clicker Heroes is one of the few idle games out there which end up giving you the ability to purchase Auto Clickers, sure there’s no reason to purchase more than a few but they’re still a great way to make sure that you avoid cheaters from ruining the game entirely, unlike other games with a similar play style, such as Tap Titans and its sequel, Clicker Heroes doesn’t have players competing against each other, so the cheaters won’t really be affecting the average Joe’s game anyway.

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